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I tell you, Lee never ceases to amaze me with his talent, particularly when he takes these crazy ideas of mine and turns them into reality. I just hope that with all the trouble I've had with chain guards over the past few years, that this one doesn't fracture too!
Just picked up the bike today from having the tank re-re-re-installed, as well as the chain guard and a couple of other very minor tweaks.

First photo of it in 2012!

That's one seriously clean scoot. Very nice attention to detail! Diggin' the road runner on the chain guard too.
Thanks -- yeah, I think the Roadrunner works, though I did try three other things that didn't seem to work. Even with nothing, that space seemed like it 'needed' something, and I think a nice piece of artwork from my friend Lee is a worthy addition!

Thanks again!
Picked up the bike today with the *new* Heidenau tires, and took a couple of shots in the late day light.......



I only managed to ride from John's place to mine (about 20 minutes), but so far so good. This is a big leap for me, as I've been a loyal Dunlop rider (K82's), but they're getting more expensive, and the 2.75x18 front tire was discontinued. I'll try to get a much longer ride in next weekend, weather permitting, and report on how these Heidenaus are......stay tuned!
Just replaced a very crucial component on the bike.....


I think it matches the speedo/tach nicely, and should definitely add about 10mph to the top end.

Yeah, had a hard time resisting this one, and it's from 1960 (same as the other Ingersoll that was on the bike).

I'm hoping to devise some kind of ride, though it may be later in April. I'd like to do something more towards Frederick County, but I'll have to see how things go over the next month or so. Stay tuned!
Went for a short ride on Sunday after a four week hiatus -- beautiful weather for early March! Bike wanted to go go go, and it screamed down the road with reckless abandon. The new Heidenau tires seemed fine, but of course the real test will be on the wet roads, so stay tuned for that.

Wish it could have been a longer run today, but dinner was calling......next weekend maybe!

Many thanks! Of course, you always like to say that you're 'done', but I'm sure I'll be continually finding things to replace, update or change. This is the one and only bike I have (and am likely to have), so I better make it as good as I can possibly make it -- for me, at least!

Went for a glorious 130 mile ride today -- sunny and temps in the low 70's, which for me is perfect riding weather. Discovered some new roads today out in Frederick County (west of Baltimore), and traffic was generally light....guess everyone was at the pubs today drinking green beer.

I think the Heidenau tires are going to be fine, judging by the fact that I forgot about them as I was riding. Did my normal semi-aggressive backroads riding, and they didn't miss a beat.

Don't know if I'd be jinxing things by saying this, but I think the bike has finally settled in to its 'new' personality, and seems to like it just fine. It starts every time, idles perfectly, doesn't die at stoplights, has smooth power, shifts as effortlessly as can be, stops when it needs to, charges fine, no fractured chain guards (or anything else for that matter), and the gas tank is doing what it's supposed to do without any drama. I think a long road trip will be the true test, but so far it's been pretty consistent, which I think is the real challenge with these bikes (at least in my experience).
Went for a VERY CHILLY shakedown ride today. The mercury only managed to make it to 36 degrees today, and I was only able to tolerate an hour's ride.

Overall the bike ran great -- a variety of things were done this time around, including the new Rick's Electric stator and voltage regulator, new anodised slides for the Amals, new advance unit, new points shaft seal, new cam chain, and a few other things that I can't even remember. I tried it at various speeds today (highway, residential, stop-and-go) and for the most part it was completely dialed in. I think the idle will need a bit of adjustment, and the clutch cable was a bit looser than I like, but overall it was great. Interesting to note that when I first started the ride, the idle was at about 1500rpm, but 45 minutes into the ride the idle dropped down to 1000rpm. We'll have to see what that's all about, but I told John that we should just keep things status quo for the time being, and see what happens when the temperature warms up (which I'm hoping it will eventually do!).

Surprisingly, I found out that at 85mph I'm doing about 6000 rpm in 5th -- as I recall, last year when I rode the bike, at 6000 rpm I was only hitting 80mph in 5th.

Actually I don't look too chilly here, but believe me -- my fingers were numb!

SuperHawk2013 by Vince.Lupo, on Flickr
A bit of very shameless self-promotion: http://www.petrolicious.com/1966-honda-cb77-superhawk

Ah well -- someone's gotta do it!
Dusted off the cobwebs yesterday and went for an hour's ride. It wasn't too chilly out (about 50F/10C), but I didn't feel like going too far. Bike ran great, and I'm looking forward to the warmer weather!

January SuperHawk by Vince.Lupo, on Flickr
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