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Haven't done an update on this thread in quite a while. The bike has been running great, and just had a recent modification done on the bike:

photo by Cappellini.it

Took the plunge and got rid of the centrifugal oil filter setup and went with a Cappellini oil filter conversion kit. Should filter out the finer particles that the centrifugal filter can't get, so hopefully will help the engine. It seems to work just fine with the stock (4.5mm) pump, but the plan is to upgrade to the Cappellini 6mm pump over the winter.

There's still a lot of riding to do between now and the end of the year!
7am?! Who's idea was it to meet at 7am this chilly Sunday?

Oh yeah, I guess it was mine.....oops.

As you can see from my handlebar Ingersoll, it's just before 7:00 at Scott's house (and the sun's not even out yet!). Honey-do's had been taken care of the day before, so I was able to hit the road for a few hours with my fellow riders.

Early Morning Meetup by Vince.Lupo, on Flickr

I charted out a route that led us to a very important destination -- breakfast! We chose a place in Frederick called 'Family Meal', which is a Bryan Voltaggio restaurant (he was a runner-up on Top Chef a few years back). Scott, Jeff, Andrew, Lee and I embarked on this rather chilly journey through the backroads of Maryland, enjoyed a delicious breakfast and good conversatioin, and made it back to Scott's by 11:00am. Total distance was only 125 miles, but any time on the bike is appreciated.

Lee, Jeff and Scott digging in to breakfast (Andrew is off camera to my right). Pastrami hash in the foreground!

Early Morning Meetup3 by Vince.Lupo, on Flickr

Getting ready for the ride back. Fortunately it was much warmer than the way out!

Early Morning Meetup2 by Vince.Lupo, on Flickr

Think it's time for new footpeg rubbers! Shows how much the bike is ridden, I guess.

Worn Footpeg Rubber by Vince.Lupo, on Flickr
A beautiful fall Sunday and a great opportunity for a ride. I was only going to go out for a couple of hours, but it turned into a 160 mile tour!

My wife and I had done this drive a couple of weeks ago out to a place called Whites Ferry (on the Maryland side of the Potomac River) and then over to parts of northern Virginia west of DC. There were a lot of 'tootling' roads, as my wife calls them, so I thought I'd give them a try with the bike. Generally nice roads, though I'll have to figure out a more 'elegant' route back from Leesburg, VA.

On the ferry crossing the Potomac (it was all dressed up for Halloween, as you can see!):

Whites Ferry by Vince.Lupo, on Flickr
A chilly shakedown ride yesterday! Only managed 24 miles before my fingers froze solid, but it was enough to test the bike AND a new helmet (yes I'm a slave to helmet fashion).

This was the first ride of the season (odometer reading 06014 - for my own reference!), and the bike fired right up and settled into a nice steady idle. Ran well, nothing weird, and it looks like it's all ready to go. I did have to replace the rubbers on the footpegs, as I pretty well wore them out and they were due, so I did that last night. The paint on the wheels stayed on, and I think I may have gained 10mph at the top end now that the wheels have the Vincent Black Shadow treatment. Seriously!

Oh yeah and about that helmet -- it is over-the-top awesome!!!! Just take a look at that paint job! And kids, believe it or not, this is a helmet from Bell. A new helmet from Bell. Mind you, the shield is an NOS bubble shield from the '70s that I've had for a few years, and it seems to be the perfect match for this wild helmet creation. So we're bringing a bit of groovy 1970's into the mix -- a perfect mismatch!

Here's hoping that things warm up soon -- it only made it to 44 degrees yesterday.

Lee's wheels!

Honda2015-6 by Vince.Lupo, on Flickr

The helmet is a perfect, imperfect match!

Honda2015-4 by Vince.Lupo, on Flickr

Did I mention that I got a new helmet???

Bell Helmet1 by Vince.Lupo, on Flickr
Been a while since I’ve posted here. The bike is now up for sale: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1966-Honda-CB-/162947862037
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