Japan Meets Britain...

Picking up the tank tomorrow morning -- can't wait!

I spoke with Lee this morning (he also did that great paint work on my side covers), and the tank is done. All sanded and polished, chrome side covers, badges and cap installed (minus the newly-chromed latch). He said that it looked like a factory job, so of course I'm excited as heck!

The whole shebang is going to John tomorrow as well, and hopefully everything will be done by Monday or Tuesday.

See you at Mid-Ohio!
Here it is in all its hybrid glory! I was able to temporarily fit the tank on the bike before I put the old one back on the bike to ride it to John. He now has everything, and hopefully should be all buttoned up by Monday. The gas cap latch should be here later today from Ronnie Brown (there is not presently a latch on the tank).

It still needs some wiping down to really bring out the shine, but overall I'm really pleased!







The artiste -- Lee Hulteng!






I think after having completed these latest projects, I've taken the bike as far as I want to take it. Hopefully these modifications and improvements have helped make a better bike, as well as having resulted in something that's visually appealing.

The new cap will hopefully eliminate the gas leakage that has plagued these tanks, and I think it still retains its period appearance and looks like it belongs. As well, the redesigned chain guard will hopefully last this time around, and it's been adjusted so that it doesn't touch the back of the shock absorber. It's also partially rubber mounted at the rear point, so it should help to absorb the road bumps.

Glad I took a few people's advice on DTT and removed some of the decals (specifically the IOM TT decal on the front fender, the Ace Cafe decal on the tank, and the Castrol decal on the chain guard). I think it looks a lot cleaner without these decals, and I appreciate the recommendation! So the only decals that are left are the crossed flags on the side covers (embellished with the hand-painted ribbon and the '1966'), the Japanese/Union Jack flags on the tip of the front fender, and the Honda Collection Hall decal on the bottom of the front fender. The checkers on the tank and fenders are all hand-painted, and the only other adornments are the period UK dealer badge on the rear fender, and the reproduction UK tax disc on the left side of the bike.

I'm taking out for a shakedown ride today in the 100 degree heat before our road trip to Mid-Ohio on Thursday. The forecast calls for generally sunny skies, with a chance of thunderstorms on Friday. Saturday is the Cafe Racer Magazine Show, and I'll throw my hat in the ring to see how it does. They have categories for British, Japanese, and European/American, but nothing for British/Japanese!

I'll try to post a few shots from the road trip when we're back.....
Thanks Justin -- definitely appreciated, and hopefully we'll be able to meet up at the Rockers and Mods event in Baltimore next month.

The bike has really been an interesting exercise on many fronts, these past 6 years. It's been definitely a creative project, in terms of having a mental vision, and trying to transform that abstract concept into physical reality -- almost sculptural, in a way (I feel a bit like Henry Moore!). Of course on another level, it's trying to improve certain things, at least the way that I looked at it. The gas cap affair really epitomized it -- we had this issue with the fuel seepage, and how could we improve it, yet retain the 'period' look. I think what has just been accomplished is the best solution, albeit a fairly involved one (yet not all that expensive, really). However, having said all this, I rode my friend Scott's bone-stock SuperHawk last weekend, and it made me wonder why I bothered embarking upon this entire 6 year endeavour.

I certainly don't regret it - though I probably could have purchased two Paul Smart Ducatis (or one really nice Vincent) with the money I have in this creation, but it really doesn't matter. At the end of the day, does it make you happy and does it fulfill what you've been seeking? For me, the answer is yes, and that's all that matters.
On another note, I took the bike out for a 70 mile shakedown ride today before we leave for Mid-Ohio tomorrow morning, and the bike ran great. Crisp throttle response, idles well at a stop light, and everything seems tight and ready to rock. This is one good bike!

See you at Mid-O!
There and back again.....


In the six years I've owned the bike, I've ridden it over 18,300 miles. Let's hope it continues!
Really the way I think this tail light should look...just back from king of chrome plating, Ronnie Brown.

Found a new watch on eBay....probably late 1930's 'dollar' watch. I like the pale yellow and black combo, as well as the rotating red seconds numbers!
Thought I'd take a few shots in the late day light.....

I think we've arrived at the final look of the bike

6 years and 18,525 miles later....

Just can't enough of that new tail light look....

Sunlight on the flags....
Bloody brilliant as always. I'm working on getting myself one of those stopwatch holders but they're tough to come by.
Tim said:
Bloody brilliant as always. I'm working on getting myself one of those stopwatch holders but they're tough to come by.

Did you ever manage to contact that PJ Speedos in Surrey?
Tim said:
No, but I did just win this (cost me a FORTUNE) but I already have an old stopwatch for it.

Terry's Bikit NOS stopwatch holder.


That's pretty neat -- looks like it would be just fine for a stop watch. One thing you may possibly want to think consider is some kind of safety chain for the stop watch. The first time I put a pocket watch on my holder (without a safety chain), I was riding on the highway, went over a bump, and my pocket watch popped out of the holder and away it went. Don't forget to post a shot of the holder on your bike once you get it!

I went on a nice 185 mile ride on Saturday, and the bike ran great. Fortunately the humidity was low, and the temps were in the low '80s. Nice twisty roads going up into Pennsylvania, and basically headed off without a map and followed the roads wherever they went.

My goal for this year is to reach 24,000 miles on the odometer -- that will make it 20,000 miles that I'll have put on the bike since I bought it just over 6 years ago. Only 1290 miles left!
Very Nice Vince. So cool to see you in a mag. Even if it's not a centerfold. wait,that didn't sound good. i was talking about your bike of course, not yourself. :p

I was at a bike show this weekend as well. I entered for best vintage Metric. HAd to leave early due to a friend getting into a bad motorcycle crash. i found out while at the show. After I got back from the hospital (my friend broke his leg, and also had compound fracture on his right wrist/arm, had a small laceration on his spleen, but he will make a full recovery eventually. A guy pulled out in front of him, he managed to lay the bike down and avoid a body to SUV collision) I later found out that I had won in my class. Of course it was a technicality, being that I was the only with a vintage metric bike there. Go Figure, the trophy is 3 feet tall. ;D
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