Just For Fun --- How OLD Are You?


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Figured it would be interesting to see the age spand of the "cafe" world... maybe even include the age you started riding and your first and current bike... (could be a list for those that have a garage full)

Ill start (mine is prob the smallest and easiest list)

I am 20yrs old
First and only bike a Honda CB200
Started riding at 20!!!


Is that the best you got? OK.. now my TURN...
36 Turned 18 on May 9th...
First Bike: 72 cb350
Since then: 69 cb450 (sold), 75 cb550f, 75 750f, 74 cb450, 72 Commando


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35, started riding around '92, stopped riding around '01, started riding again a few months ago.
First bike - 1983 CBX550F, wish I still had it. also had a '78 XS400 and now a '78 KZ650 w/'81KZ750 engine.


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30. Got my first bike when I was 15 as a gift from my parents; a 79 kz400 LTD for $400.00, and it only had 6k mi. on it. It was also my first attempt at a "cafe styled" bike when I was 17.



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age 52 number of bikes owned 20 first bike honda70 bikes I own now 02 Goldwing (don't laugh its' good for long trips . yes I am an iron butt rider)
07 SV1000s ,82 sx650 cafe', 82 CB650Honda, 73CB 350Honda ,80CX500 :eek:


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Made in England 1951 ;D you wor it out ...1st bike 19something BSA Tiger cub but not as nice as this one


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I'm 40 and had a Honda CT70 as a kid. Haven't ridden since then (>25 years ago) and just picked up my first street bike back in October, 1978 KZ650.


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36, started out around 10 or 11 on friends Honda Z50, CT90, moved to Montana when I was 15 first bike there was a '71 Suzuki TS185, then YZ80, YZ490 mainly dirt bikes & friends extra street bikes. Moved to Seattle in '97 got a garage & then '76 Honda CB400F. A CB350F, a CB750F came & went as well as a couple CL350's. Sold the 400F in Aug. Currently have a '77 Kawasaki KZ400 that's almost done & a big pile of Honda CB750 parts that will be my next project.


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25, built the mini chopper in 2004. Grew out of it fast as it wasn't fast enough (85 kmh). Picked up a 78 XS650 in 06 and got it on the road on June 1, 2007, almost a year ago. Parts/junker bikes, 79 XS400 and 68 CB450. Got the second XS400 almost done. 74 MX250 is a "someday" project. Dreaming of a big (1000 & up) XS, KZ or GS to add to the stable.

I guess you could say my first ride was on my dad's a CB550F when I was 3, but, do Honda's count? Lol, JK! ;D


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I'm 31 in August. Started riding random junk dirt bikes, don't even know what they were because they were just that junked out that parts were missing, painted, jimmy rigged, etc, when I was about 9 or 10. Didn't get my first "real" bike till I was 23. It was an FZR600R, which was replaced by a GSXR1100 when it's oil pump went out at 8K. Sold the Gixxer because I knew she was going to be the death of me and picked up my 77 kz650 three years ago. She's been my only ride until this past year when I picked up the 81 kz650 (which is getting sold to finish funding the cafe build on the 77).


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garagedoreen right here..... im 29 and a half. started riding 8 years ago. then sold bike havnt rode for like 5 years. now building a cafe frame up. first bike was a CBR F1 Hurricane.

nothing like getting back on the saddle with a bike I built from scratch :D


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43 here. Started riding at 16.
First bike was a '72 CB125S. Then had a couple of '73 CB350s , then found my current bike, a '78 kZ650C2. Have had it since '84, stored for 10 years from '94-'04 and am now riding it again since 2004.


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45 going on 18...been riding since I was 6...B&S mini bike..1st road bike was a 69 Honda CT90...Rode the wheels off of it, when it I was 15...Had Maybe 35 or 40 bikes, From a 75 GL 1000 to an 85 GS1150....Now I Have My 86 GSXR Streetfighter ;D


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45. My first motorized 2 wheeler was a mini-bike when I was 11. Rode friends dirtbikes, mostly Hodakas until I got my first real bike, my brothers old Ossa 250(wish I had it now!) Rode a few different bikes from 1977 to 1990, including 3 years in Germany(great riding in Europe ;D). Started again in 2000 with my XS650, added my XS850 in 2006.



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Sadly, 31

I've been riding about 18 months. First (and current bike) is the 1969 CL350. I've also built a 74 CB360



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Just turned 37 today May 16th.
Got my licence when I was 19 on 80cc honda elite which I rode for several years .
Then I got a suzuki waterbuffalo for a number of years blue with highway bars heavy as all hell. Had a 82 yamaha virago for a number of years and most rescently my 73 tx650 I just finished building last fall, Still working out the bugs but having a lot of fun in the process. Hope to have by the end of the year 50cc honda or yamaha scooter to get back and forth to work. I work 1 1/2 miles from my house. My gas bill will really be nothing then.



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I'll be 53 in July! :eek: I don't act or feel that old most days! ;)

I started riding back in high school on friends bikes. My folks wouldn't let me get a bike! I had to wait until I was out of my parents house!

First bike was a '74 Kawi H2 back in the spring of '77. Only rode it for the 1 season 'cause I traded it for a new KZ1000 in September of '77. I still have the KZ, but it looks a little different now! ;D

I currently have another '74 H2, which is for sale, a '76 KZ900 and have started a new Tracy H2 project.

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