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Im 31, turn 32 in August.

My first bike was a lil Kawi 80cc trail bike. Dunno the model, as I was 5 and cant remember that far back most days..lol Since then i have owned a myriad of dirtbikes, my fav being an old KX250 my dad gave me. Wasnt the biggest or fastest dirtbike ever, but man i had a blast on that thing. I also broke many bones and added a few scars to my body on it and other dirt bikes. My FIRST street bike, which i had for a matter of months untill i decided i was WAY too big for it, or it was too small for me, on or the two, was a Yammie 185cc, dont remember the designation. I shortly thereafter bought a 76 Honda CB550SS, and shortly after that a 77 CB750SS. Both of which became my first "cafe" bikes. All cosmetic changes, simple stuff like bars and seat changes. No mechanical differences except for pods and a pipe. I quit riding for a number of years back in 01-ish, sold both the Hondas off (man i kick myself now for selling them as cheap as i did. I think i sold them BOTH for a total of 1500 bucks and they were GOOD lookin bikes, vintage market wasnt great back then tho either) Over the past year and a half or so, I started riding again. I picked up a lil KZ440 to get my legs back under me on. Then i scored an XS400 reeaaaly cheap (75 bucks) Both of which i still have. I also have the 77 GS750B cafe im working on, and a GS1100G. In August i will have delivered a GS1100GK (the full touring GS) and have plans on picking up a couple of projects for the winter at the Walnecks show that month.

I love em, bikes, and cant get enough. I would like someday to own a Bandit 1200, or a TL1000R but thats probably about the extent of my MODERN bike list. Maybe a "oldschool" looking Triumph or Duc, but im not big into the modern stuff.


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27, turn 28 in a couple weeks.

I've been riding for 8 years. Started on an '85 FJ600, '98 Katana 600, '85 XL600R, '00 CBR929rr, and my current project is a '78 CB750ss.

I've been teaching the bike course at Durham College for 3 years now. The CB is going to be my street bike this season, and the CBR will be on track duty.


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guitargeek said:
I just turned 40 last week. I'm shopping for leather pants and looking to date a teenager ASAP.

Who Isn't!

Is it creepier for a 23 year old to say that or a 40 yr old? hahaha


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I'm 41 going on 25. My first bike was a an XL175 at age 14, when I finally got my mc license 2 years later I found a XL350 and then it was on! It just kept going from there, had a cb450, cb550, then a nighthawk 450 and later a 750, to a Hurricane 1000 and then a 600 f3. But sadly stopped there about 9 years ago when I witnessed a friend wreck his Duc 748 and do some serious damage to himself. Thought I was done for good until I discovered the cafe style machines earlier this year, it's as if I was 14 again discovering 2 wheeled power for the first time and man I am once again consumed by the passion and obsession that is 2 wheeled freedom!


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I'm 26. I started riding when I was 19 on a buddies Suzuki GS500.

My first bike was a 2002 Honda CBR 600 F4i I purchased brand new in August of 2001. Sold it my senior year of college... 2004.

Took a break from bikes until I purchased my 1972 CB450 back in October 07, "the mystical project bike". Then I got my CL350 in February this year... cafe all the way now.

- Woody


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I'm 25. I started pinching my dad's bikes when I was about 15. He had 3 but could only ride 1 at a time so I always had at least 2 to chose from. they were a cb400, xs650 and xs1100. also a few of my friends dirtbikes. My dad had a very bad accident on the 1100. He totaled it and hasn't been able to ride (or work) since. after the accident he sold off all his bikes; I was always a bit bummed that I didn't get the honda when I had the chance, but as luck would have it a few years later the guy he sold it to moved and since he never got it running and didn't have space for it it ended up back in my dad's garage. so the bike I ride now is actually the same bike I learned on. The only way I could be happier is if I somehow tracked down my dad's old 650 Bonneville. Oh and no he didn't know I was taking his bikes out and Ididn't get a motorcycle permit till this year :)


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32 . Started riding at 17 . Owned my first bike at 20. And I ride more and more like a twat each day. ;D


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22 soon to be 23 in a week or so. got my first bike ('77 kz400) when i was 19. bought it at an auction for $50 with a title. at the time it was a pile but little elbow grease (and the schools machine shop :p) turned it around into a cafe. got a '78 cb750F off a kid at school when i was 20 and got that going earlier this year. picked up an '82 xj1100 to turn it around for sone $$$ and vouched to never touch anything newer than '79 (too much computers :D). finally, i just recently acquired 4 cb750's soon to be restored and running. shouldn't kids my age be playing video games and partying every night?


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26 yrs of age here. Got my first bike about three months ago as a gift from my wife. '81 CM400e. Rode it for about two weeks and started hackin' stuff off. I just can't leave well enough alone! ;D


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49 and holdin! rode my first bike to junior high (1959 HD 165 hummer) at 13 years old. been riding and racing ever since.
my dad raced (hill climbs and scrambles) i did some flat tracking in illinois in the late seventies.
doing the Land speed thing now. and trying to straighten out the north georgia mountain roads!


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31 started riding at 18 when I got my first bike a '89 VTR 250 after that I didn't own a car till I was 24 just rode bikes all the time.


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I'm 27 and jsut started riding this summer.
My fist and only so far is a CB360T (even though it's not really running right now.)


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i am 24(feel ALOT older due to being a mechanic take a toll on you)
started riding at 16
Bikes were 1985 vmax
2003 r6
2006 yfz450 bb edition(not really a bike but it was a blast)
no bike currently due to move to nevada sold everything then a year later moved back to the area damn it


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I turned 52 in January.

Started riding mini bikes as a kid and took my auto and cycle driving tests on the same day when I was 16. For several years I rode bikes belonging to my brother and friends; a Yamaha 90cc twin, Yamaha 360(?) twin, CL175, CB450, etc. I'm not suire I remember all the bikes I've owned, but they include a Suzuki GS550MZ, Kawasaki GPZ750, '89 Pacific Coast, FT500, GB500 (Can't believe I let that go!), VFR750, and a '90 Pacific Coast. Thru much of that time I was a MSF Instructor and earned my instructor certification on a Pacific Coast (I know, I know... but you've got to own and ride one to really appreciate them, they are a hell of a bike!) I quit riding back in '01 but started up again last year when I got the '75 CL360 that's slowly turning cafe. I've also got the project going w/ the ATC250-powered '59 Cushman 3-wheeler, but I'm not sure that counts as much of a bike... sure will be fun, though! What would I like to own yet? Maybe a CB-1, maybe a NT650... Wouldn't mind laying hands on a CB750F or a CB1000 for a cafe bike.

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