Kneeler Project

Erskine said:
Hi, Shepherds huts were traditionally used by upland shepherds during the lambing season so they could always be on hand for tricky births and to keep an eye out for foxes. They have now become a classy alternative to a caravan, but are not designed to be towed large distances, only really between fields. I've build mine big enough to be a tiny home, and long term plan is to buy my own plot of land and live in it. Short / medium term plan is a nice little retreat for myself, friends and family to escape to. I have to move it again next weekend as the cows will be going back into that field.

Thanx for the response. I've showed this to Mrs Ridesolo who is fascinated with tiny homes, though, thankfully, she doesn't want one. Her comment back to you is, "Very nice, tell him to post more pictures!" We've just gotten a new (to us) shepherds hut that we'll be bringing home this weekend or early next week. I refer to ours as our "winter home" and it's slightly less rustic.
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