lets see your helmets


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I bought a Zamp 3/4 in matte black on ebay recently and I wont even wear it it is so fuckin huge. Fits on the inside, but makes my head look like a lollipop.


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I like the Builtwell and Fulmer Cafe because they fit my head and don't look huge like some of the new 3/4 helmets do (have you seen "Spaceballs"). I have been eyeing the Davida 3/4 helmets for a while. The Davida "Speedster" seems like the best looking... it hugs your head nice. Really well made .... but so damned expensive :eek: :eek: :eek: .....


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safety first guys, if i were wearing a 3/4 helmet in my RF accident im not sure if id be here today...

the KBC like i was wearing.

the KBC like i use now


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So I too like what Leon-noeL has done with the old helmet and JT racing mask idea really cool mad max/old school bmx look. Another person on this forum had a link to a japanese easy rider website and I found these helmets....too bad they are sold out and too bad they are in Japan. Pretty cool look.



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I'm shuddering at these open face jobbies. I can't do it. Full face all the way.


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how do you like that hjc? ive heard mixed reviews on how they feel...
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