Let's see your Michigan rides

heres what im rolling with this summer after working on it all fall and winter.




Done some minor work since this pic, but it's still a long way from anything.
I'm from Livonia, my names Sean, my buddies and I collect bikes. Vintage bikes are about all we work for, and work on. I'm twenty, this is my second year riding, grew up on dirtbikes.







Fishing in the UP on my CB350

MakeshiftPatriot said:
Fishing in the UP on my CB350

Did you make the seat?

I have no idea how to go about doing this, but I really wanna chop the back down on my cb400 as it is way too long and I never carry a passenger:

I'm in Dexter, right outside of Ann Arbor.

Seat, taillight/license plate bracket, turn signals and carb rebuild kits are in the mail.... I hate the waiting game!

Tires and rearsets are next.

Dirty Dan said:
I'm in Dexter, right outside of Ann Arbor.

Nice! I'm from Brighton, but the bike is currently living in a pole barn in Pinckney - pretty close.

Post more pics once you get parts on!

Mines still only half done:

They're always half done...



Think I'm going to go out and throw a coat of black on the seat today. Still have to make a frame for it and mount it to the bike. I got some leather to make a seat pad, it should look good.
Went out and threw a few quick coats on the seat, used the rest of the checker tape I had sitting around, too ;D

Ignore the fuzzy cellphone picture, I'm a shaky person and I was leaning up against my RX7 in the shop.

Na, I didn't paint the tank, just the seat. Bike had a low budget spray job when I got it, I honestly haven't decided what color I'm going to go with in the end so I just stayed on the cheap and used a rattlecan I had sitting around and a 6 dollar roll of checker tape (that I got from Cafe Racer Ypsi... shameless plug, I know)

It's a stock 350F tank if you were asking if I made it or not.

Thanks for the compliments though! I'll post more (and better) pictures after I get her cleaned up a little more.
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