Let's see your Michigan rides

sluginxlt said:
i have 2 stock "for now" cb350s, a 70 and a 72. would like to caffeinate the 72 after i finish my xs650 chobber, for now im just riding the heck out of them. we need to get a wayne county meet up and ride. im from westland.




All very nice bikes!

Still trying to figure some things out before I chop the back... May end up making a larger bratstyle seat over the winter. We'll see. I just wanted to ride it before it's too late and I can't get on the road!
Hey guys,
Saw this post a long time ago but my bike was not done at the time.... But it's done now. 1972 CB350K4:

Things I've done since the picture was taken is paint the exhaust pipes black and modifiy rear brake rod to make it more stright.

And one of my new ride. Not a cafe bike, but still cool:
Not a cafe racer but the engine was rebuilt to "Sport" specs with higher compression pistons and larger carbs...

And my latest, the mighty 160. Finished it later in the year so it didn't get out much. Hopefully in 2012 it will make a few appearances around town.
Just joined the forum. There's some really great rides!

Recently got a '72 CB350, that will be some sort of resto-mod cafe. Searching for ideas, but here she is after some dis-assembly

My daily driver is a 1977 GL1000

1975 CB750 hasn't see too many miles since restoration

Just finished the 1971 CB175

Cruiser... 2004 Rune
Until the KZ is running properly again this will be what I'll riding up to bike night on Tuesdays in Depot Town


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Re: Re: Let's see your Michigan rides

Cafe-XV750 said:
My main rider

Until I get off my a$$ and finish cafe XV750 and T500

Didn't realize you were local to me...where in MI?
He's closer to me than he is you...IIRC

Update on my rides too!

The virago 920

The wife's ninja

The KLR ( the blue one)


And finally the CB550 Frankenbike I need to either get rid of or finish

'73 and I just picked her up last night. If I change anything, the stock parts will be wrapped & boxed up, and nothings getting cut up.


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I think that was directed at me. (?) Well I bought the 360 as a project, and found out it needed an engine rebuild. So I had it repaired, and sold the Suzuki to pay for it and because the Honda is in such nice shape. So was the GT but not as nice as the Honda. Plus the Honda can go offroad and it has electric start :)
Yep, actually a great bike. I put alot of work into that bike, but in the end the Honda is better suited for me and what I need it for. It sat for some time in dry storage, so everything is in really good shape. It did suffer from the cam chain guide failure, so thats why it needed to be rebuilt.
I'm new on here, my names sergio, this is my 1975 yamaha rd200.



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