Long island NY Riders


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hey fellas, Anyone from long island or surrounding areas here, im looking to get some weekend summer rides going.. let me know
Hey Danny,
From Manhattan but looking to get out around there this summer, know some other guys that are chomping at the bit for a ride too
Down. What do you ride? Pretty small, being a 71 cb350 and my friend is on a 200 (!) but we're down!
Hey guys I'm out east on long island right around port Jeff. Always looking to ride, I'm not sure when the cb550 will be up and going but I have a shadow I ride on the regular.
From Smithtown, when I have the kz up and running i'm down to ride.
Hey guys,

Jay from queens, just joined the forum and have had my cb550 for about a month and a half. Willing to ride and looking forward to meeting you guys.
Sorry for the late response, but I'm in Jamaica, not too far from bayside. I work in Rockville Centre so I'm not too far away from you.
What up ya'll! Im out in East Hampton...i have a pretty cramped schedule but im down to ride when im available.
I might be down, let me know when so I can check with the wifey and make sure we don't have plans. If anything last week of august into mid september she'll be on vacation without me so I can ride anytime during then.
Yeah a few of my friends are having kids, finding wives and buying homes.....no one wants to play any more
Haha yup finding time to run the business, build the bikes and hang with the kid haha not enough time in the day but I will be out this summer. The Buell is always running and together =)
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