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MotoMadness said:
Went out for a quick ride today for like an hour. Beautiful out. Little cold down by the water

Yep. I went down to the west end beach same thing. I don't know what made me happier, the fact my bike seems to be running extremely well, or the reprieve from the shitty winter! How many people are local that would want to meet up from time to time? I used to do OBI every Sunday AM with my gto, then my solstice after that. Never got as many looks/compliments as I do with my bike though.
MotoMadness said:
I go down to OBI alot on the bike Sunday mornings.

Weather permitting im in for next Sunday. Just have to go early, have to be at work by 930. Usually its packed out there by 730 anyhow.
Islip town hall has vintage cars every Saturday afternoon. I haven't been out there yet this season, but there was some nice stuff there last year. There's room for bikes too.
We usually do Bellmore train station on Friday nights for the car show. There is also Baldhill during the week.
I havent been to bellmore in years and thats 5 mins from me. I rode up to Billy Joels shop this morning in Oyster Bay. got there around 9:30 and even though they were closed 2 guys working came out to check out my bike. Afterwards they invited me in and showed me around. Some really great bikes in there!
Went to Bellmore last night, was awesome. When did they start charging? Anyhow, I was shocked how many people were interested in my bike, I never even got to walk around. Anyone wanna come next week?
I'd be interested in going at some point, but it's a pretty far ride for me. I'll try to post if I'm heading down there.
Hey guys, I got a few questions from the left coast, and apologize for the hi-jacking.

I'm moving to Brooklyn come end of the year and going to be working out past JFK. I'm used to a different kind of riding style out here (near Sacramento). I went to HS in the tri-state area, so somewhat familiar with a few things, but I'd like to know if certain things have changed.

Here on the wrong coast we can lane split/share/cut. It's not technically illegal, just no laws that say you can't do it. Any of you guys splitting lanes out there? I ride to SF once in a while and the bay bridge is a toll bridge just like all the ones back there; here I can cut right up to the front- you guys see any of this for getting into Manhattan?

If anybody is familiar with riding in Cali, who can fill me in on what differences to expect, I would appreciate it.

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