Make/mold a fiberglass full fairing?

Make sure you sand in between layups. The resin won’t bond to a glossy surface

In the future, I would recommend laying out all of your cloth (3 layers or whatever you choose) and wetting it all out at once. Make a small test piece and practice wetting out multiple layers. You will see the color of the cloth change from white to clear when it is fully wetted. Squeegee out any excess and make sure there’s no bubbles

For something this big you are going to want a hardener with a slow cure time that will allow you to work with it longer before it begins to cure.

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Ok I will sand up what I have here before the next layers,

Oh I didn't hink you could actually put multiple layers at one, I'll try to do the 2 next layers at once then, it will also mean less time breathing that resin lol.

Yeah I noticed that the timing was very close to be too long to do the all fairing before it cures. But I have to do 2 times 200gr anyway I do not mix 400gre at once.

I also decided that if this fairing turns out really bad and can't be used, I'll try to make a simpler fairing that is just the front part, so I will be able to make it better, and work on it and glass it off the bike.
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