Maritime's new GL - 2UP Distance eater

How about ice climbing spikes for around boots, then just modify it into a shifter.
Brodie that is pretty close to what I am going to do. I am going to use a strap on ice tread called gripons then remove the little studs and attach the plate to them, they go over the toe and heal of the boot. There is an instructable an engineering student did for a paper in school taking the screw on version and improving it to make it removable. I'll post up pics when I do it. I am pretty stoked it is going to work!
I'll be using a set of these. With an angle bracket or large washer or whatever I can find that is a good shape and fit at the hardware store. will also be plasti-dipping it for some grip.


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That's why I was suggesting the bicycle toe clips. They come with places to mount the plate and everything.

you need one of these tweaked
deviant said:
That's why I was suggesting the bicycle toe clips. They come with places to mount the plate and everything.


Actually something like this is very easily doable......coming off the end of the shifter??

Or the sparky shoes would always make for a great show!
What I was thinking is instead of attaching it to the shifter, a shifting plate gets attached to the toe clip. That angle bracket could be straightened out, or one could even be welded to it. There is a strap not shown that goes through the loop at the top and wraps around your boot to hold it on.
Thanks man. I'll be back to riding again by spring for sure. the GL may take a little longer, I still can only do some things to it until I heal up fully. I am doing physio 2 times a week and the leg is about half way back to full strength. another couple weeks and I may be off the crutches.
So boot mod took 10 mins. I used rivets to attach to the robber gripons. It will work great. I need to come up with a different version for the GL but I got a second gripon to use for that. This one works for the cx and most other bikes. Coating in plastidip now.


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Sweeeeeet. You should've kept the spikes for kicking dogs and clingy women that try to bite your heels when you're going through the neighborhood.
Yep. I need to make another one with the metal coming out the front for the GL cause the crash barz and heads get in the way to use the side mounted version
Well got the wheel off. And forks. They are toast. Tire ate some grass lol.


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Is it time to go spokes? 8)

I also like how we all have Chris' air valve caps.
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