modified, aftermarket, or custom. nothing is safe (78 KZ1000)

It reminds me a lot of the Ladybird muffler that I have for my Gpz except your’s is twice as long! I know you were able to quiet it down a bit but it’s wayyy too long for my taste.

Later, Doug
I have been thinking about trimming two or three inches off but I wanted to start longer to see what it looked like first. I took inspiration from the old Yoshimura stuff which is quite long (18") but a larger diameter can so the proportions are different. I'm not a fan of stubby cans on vintage bikes. I also think the camera angle and lens distortion is making it look longer than it is in reality, heres a couple from a different angle. Its crazy how much cameras/computers distort reality, it looks different in person.

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Heres about how short i'm thinking with a quick photoshop. before /after

IMG_2525.jpgScreen Shot 2024-01-10 at 12.26.10 PM.png
How far would you have to trim to make the can section equal length on either side of the mounting clamp(if that makes sense)? I think that would make it look nice and proportional. Either way fantastic work!

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After being length shamed by Doug I shortened the can by 3". Had to remake the hanger because the shorter can threw the proportions off. Also finally got around to designing some branding and making a badge - magnesium dies for logo with 3D printed die for curve.



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