My CB400f Supersport project

I love the hand finished patina this bike has. By that I don't mean scrappy or second rate, but rather that the finish on everything is spot on and has that lovely warm finish that can only be achieved with love. A production bike would look equally pristine, but would somehow look too sharp, too industrial. This thing looks luvverly, and I can't wait to see it finished.
Thanks very much.. !! Its slow progress, I could probably finish it in a day with some time off work.. but it would be rushed.

I have just gone ahead with the custom seat .. the original frame has been cut and welded to simply be a bit shorter than original and I hope my design comes out in what they produce. Being done this week!

New throttle cable arrived today so I can get that fitted along with the new horn. Tonights job is to cut down the rear indicator stalks so we can fit those and sort the rear mudguard.
Phew, some work over the weekend and found a poor fitting kick start seal was preventing the return spring from working!

So all good! Next up are the rear indicators, on my XS750 I don't have any but for this bike its a must, I cut down the original mounts as too long and I think they turned out ok.

Seat is back this week and then I can try and decide on the rear mudguard and light and number plate mounting!


Been some slow work recently,

Finally solved the gear linkage issue so the right side of the bike is done, sorted the rear brake and linkage, rewired the points loom and rear brake switch to be shorter so looking really neat now.

I have bought a rear fibre glass fender.. (needs paint) its for a Triumph Scramber but its close to how I want it so I think some fettling and we can make it work.

Should get the seat back end of this week, it wasnt right so been done again.. Then tank should see some paint next week!

Biggest issue is foot pegs I cannot find a set that work to replace the original huge rubber jobs!



Gorgeous mate, such attention to detail, colour treatments, not to mention engineering. Fantastic!
Right? We may not be able to ride at the moment but, with a bit of grease under our nails, it feels closer every day...
Yes the tank looks kinda cool, its just in primer and some old satin black I did ages ago after stripping the tank. The plan is RS4 nano grey, correct SS decals and then a gloss black triple stripe.
Oops think its Nardo Grey... like this;


Will run a thick black stripe using the lines on the top of the tank with two outer 5mm coach lines. Then Red Honda decal, black out line and black Super Sport logo. Just been down to my painter so doing it week after next.. getting close to finished!!!
That's a great color choice, has a dramatic change with different light. I actually went with nardo grey for my frame. Had a hard time deciding between that, nimbus, or suzuka.
I finally got my seat back. So its using the original base but with a 2.5" section taken out and re fabricated. The Upholsterers did a great job of my design and couldnt be happier with it!!

Also got the mudguard cut out so will post some pics.. its made for a challenge of what type of rear light to use but think I will go with a twin light just under the back of the seat above the mudguard.



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