My CB400f Supersport project

very beautifly done, and I agree with crabs statement, one of the few that looks better than stock imho.
Busy week and so close to the finished product.. carbs stripped to find leak, changed seals and checked float heights.. only to discover the I'd forgot to replace the poor fitting fuel line .. it appears the leak may have been here..

Rear mudguard now painted.. and tank done.. decals and pinstripes to do plus a few niggles to sort and we are on the road!



They are 18", 2.1" front and 2.5" rear
Hi there, fantastic build! What a transformation.

If I can ask though, what tire sizes did you go for in the end? 100 F 110 R?

I've got a CB400F project, and would like to go for the same rims. But I don't find any info on what spokes are needed to lace to the hubs.
Can you tell me what you're using? Thanks.

Looking for some 2.5 Excel's seem to be rare in Europe.
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