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I guess A good time to start thinking about a Group ride is now before It warms up. As all of you New Englanders know there are some killer twisties out this way ....western Ma, Vt, NH (just to name a few) have some awesome Back roads that are loads of fun with great scenery ....I guess the Bigger questions would be where, when and who...Seems to be quite a few guys up in this neck of the woods and if we all bring a friend the group could be Quite a good turn out.
Feel free to chime in with recommendations of a meet up location and rides to check out....we can hash out the details once we have some interest.

Thanks Guys
I'm with chopper guys, generally - as an apprentice at choppahead - but if choppers are invited, I could round up a few. We're in New Bedford. My girl lives in Boston, and I know a few cafe racers from that area, so if it's cafe only I can still bring a few. Hoping to have the latest project done next month, but that might be optimistic. too cold, anyway. Where were you thinking?
I'd say all riders are welcome...Hopefully no one tries a wheelie and dumps it and ruins the day for us. AT this Point I'm open to Idea's as of where to go there are so many Routes out this way...Even just route 2 or 2A has some nice roads out in western Ma...But there's always that Vermont Mountain Scenery that I can't get enough of...I just don't know my way around them but exploring is fun too.
Last I heard, VT roads are in terrible condition.
Think about the Adirondack Preserve. Many very nice roads in upstate NY.
Yea VT did have some serious problems a couple years back But by now i'm sure they have things sorted again. Up state NY would be awesome to check out at some point though
I drove through upstate and VT last weekend coming home from a snowboard trip to whiteface for the 3 day weekend. There are definitely some killer roads out there - but somebody would need to plan a route for sure.
A friend of mine has a Season Pass to Killington so he's been up there quite a bit this year and the last few years i'm sure he knows of some good routes, I'll be sure to ask what he thinks

We usually plan loads of rides up in the southern VT Mass, CT areas... Can totally help get something together.. This year our little group is planning a couple classic rides with camping and drinking... around the VT Ny border....The type of ride where bikes break and must be fixed on the fly.. its the best fun...

We can totally figure this out.. contact me to hash out...

on a side note.. roads in VT are all better now... Know a bunch of them really well... all fixed from irene...

We can also meet at the Club house in CT and slam up rt 7 in CT to 44 out to rt 22 in NY back over on rt 2 throught he trail of tears back to rt 7 then over to rt 9 and up 100 etc etc etc.... Plus theres a great Chippy in Bennington for lunch!
I love to "ride the nines." Several different roads along the Hudson, 9W, 9E, etc. From the Bear Mountain area north, are any number of excellent rides.
Rockers CT Def would like some input on this one....I was thinking there are Tons of breweries in VT maybe we can incorporate those into the mix....And camping now that's a great idea ....make it a 3 day adventure
Im out on the end of long island, so me joining in on rides is tough, but I do go to loudon, nh for vintage motorcycle racing. Our schedule can be found at yall should get a ride together this summer and come watch us tear up the track!

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Ask and you shall recieve...K-towns got some sweet twistys. Rte 4 is a nice scenic rd. Rt 107 from 100 is a nice windy ride. basically anywhere thats not route 91 is a good rd...except rt5. its lame.
Hey Seth I think I just read your interview with Greg on Circle One....Good stuff can't wait to ride with you guys
Count me in.
This is what I will be riding.


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Sweet deal Habanero ...I can't wait til it warms up a bit, took the bike out yesterday to try and get a job...Nearly froze my Neck Off
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