Organizing A Ride

I would be down for this. I am Way north near Houlton ME, I read a great ride report of the VT breweries by some guys on one of the Canadian moto e-zines. I will look for it, it Basically went ride morning, stop for lunch at a micro, then ride afternoon supper and stay near another, get up, ride till lunch, hit another, then ride till supper, hit another. Sounded great and they reviewed the food and drink at each. I'll see if I can find the link to it.
Check this link: something like this would be fun. And I am only 3 hrs from Skowegan ME.
I am waiting!!!
BTW, my Lossa bike along with my son's Bridgestone will be in exhibit at the World of Wheels this we in Boston.
Stop by and say hello.
Hey, any more thoughts on a ride. I am going to be in the White Mountains area of NH, North Conway, from May 11-13, anybody interested in a ride one of those days?
I'm down man....My KZ will be getting a new front tire at some point this month so i'll need to break it in. PM me for my cell and if anyone else is down SPEAK UP!!!
I tried to PM, but not sure it went?? If you don't see it I'll send another. Internet is flakey here today at work. Looking forward to hitting thouse mountain roads on 2 wheels. It will be a 4-5 hour ride to get there and back and I will be taking as many back roads as time will allow.


SO Gents, Wife and I are riding into Maine this Friday, Stopping at a hotel off the rte 2 around dark so we can ride into NH via rte 16 in the daylight to enjoy the scenery. Will likely take some side trips etc that day, stop for lunch and shop a bit so Sunday morning or afternoon would be best day for meetup for a ride. I have Desmbro's cell to TXT but wanted to just post up if anyone else was thinking of doing a ride. I would like to meet any and all folks close enough to do so. We are staying in a condo in North Conway.

Not sure what is happening sat. but if i can head out I sure will...KZ needs some work :D but the Tires are New ;D
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