Out in a field Build ... XS 500 The Sock Monkey ( Finished pics ,video, )


Bang Cut Grind ..Dam Did I Need That Part ?

ok so i pulled this out of a field about 9 month ago. its a 1975 XS500b . got it for free with title,keys,and vines lol but been working on it and doing alot of reading and some talking on DTT and this is my build thread .....
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After pulling out of a field with brakes froze shut i got it home .
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Found a few things along the way ....
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So after taking it all down and to the frame i sent the frame and swingarm to get blasted. I picked up a nice front end and shocks from a DTT member ( thanks jimmer) .....

then i had some help from a friend with these inserts where the rear pegs were. going to be my pipe hangers ....
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very nice...from the looks of the wood in that top pic i would say you dragged it through a vineyard....that has to be a grapevine branch yeah ?
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Thanks !

nothing thing i found was under the front light .....

but after i cleaned it up i took a jumper box and hooked it up. turned the key and the dash came alive which i was pumped about. i then pulled the motor to see what i need to do with it. ( i know im jumping around alil on the build sorry ) ok back to the frame i wanted to have a roller by end of summer but moved lil faster then i thought.so i was going to go with wire wheels but wow pricey lol so i did some asking and reading then picked up a set of 77 RD400 wheels. well the front went right on no problems but the back took some time. first need a 77 rd400 swing arm,axel,adjusters,spacers,brake stay and a few nuts that was a hunt to find.the rd swing arm mounted right up and it all worked out great....
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ok so after cleaning everthing and making list after list of thing i wanted to do and stuff i needed to do i hit the frame with some primer and paint just to keep the flash rusting under control. had a few things to do the frame still . im having a LOT of faith on the motor only because it had good comp and the oil was clean ( like new) and the inside of the motor was spotless.but if somethings wrong when i go to start it then ill pull it and rebuild it. so after picking up parts like clip-ons,tank,seat ( still waiting on that ) bolts and nuts. i started to really clean everything and repaint all the small stuff.and thins is where im at .........

and the motor.....
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Wow, great job so far, never guess the POS you pulled from the field is turning into that. Love the Tuning fork cutouts fro the pipe mounts.
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thanks guys ! so as i did the tuning forks i also did the frame.....
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That's awesome! What did you use, water jet?
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one of my customers has a table at his house. its not a water jet but im not sure on the name but it cuts with a torch but very clean and very sharp . it works great to draw it up on a program and hit cut . he also helped with the tuning forks . i can find out just what it is and a name if you need .
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Put some plates in the frame to give me support and mounting for elec stuff and help with seat mounting.....
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Sxecafe its called a dynatorch is what he used on the tuning forks and frame !
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Well got my tail section today from Airtek ! the fit is perfect just need to do some very small trimming near the tank.....
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Got wheels mounted today......
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man, those yamaha logos on the existing passenger peg place are rad! Keep er up!
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