Out in a field Build ... XS 500 The Sock Monkey ( Finished pics ,video, )

You know about the little thumbscrews on the sides of the carbs that raise the slides, right? I don't want to assume, and I certainly don't want to insinuate you wouldn't, but.... Well...... I kinda made that mistake....

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Lol yes .. I've turned them all the way in which should be opening the slide correct (high idle) and all way out close the slide (low idle). When I took off the pods it seemed to want to idle but still died. The rich problem I'm thinking I might have float stuck or floats need set again . Small issues but feeling good about where it's heading
Pulled carbs off bike to pull them apart to make sure all Jets are clean. Reasons for doing this is it sat on the stand for a while and had gas in it. When I started back with new Jets I cleaned them out but think not good enough. So I could have a clogged jet ? Will see
i have seen idle issues with slide carbs if the slides are too high at idle. it's a bit hard to work out and fix when it won't idle at all, but the lower the slides can be the better ime.
Need more time ....more time !!!!

Other then that ... WTF Photobucket you ass wipes ? All most all my pics are now hostage till I pay up UF#*Ks ! Some of those pics I can't get back you bucket of ass hats !

Sorry have to rant ! I'll try and figure out what to do . Last thing I've done is clean carbs inside and out . Will look to see if slides are at lowest and floats are right .
WOW all my pics are back :) Yes I'm still here stalking in the back ground lol
Best way to say it is ..Ive been salty over the whole vintage bike scene ! When I 1st started going there years ago it was great ,good people good prices good times . Then I found the TON and meet even more good people . It don't seem that way now a days guys want big money for stuff that a few years ago was thrown out as junk. But thats my problem . But man do I miss hanging out down there !
Messing with the 500 tonight and got it back started ! After it was running for a min just died and on looking at it looks as if there's no fuel in the lines ? Take the line off the carb and turn fuel on it's fine . So my question is ..floats stuck , jet clog ?
Open the drain screws on each carb and see which float/s may be stuck. Odd though,as all 4 would have to be stuck if fuel wasn't going in. (or 3 are full and the 4th is stuck)

Could also be the gas tank vent. If clogged it acts like a pop bottle when you drink fast and don't let any air in. Slows the fuel flow considerably. Try leaving the gas cap open and if it continues to run well, there's your problem.
Hey DreadRock,

Just checking back in. I want to get back into riding my XS500 but it's hard when my KZ650 runs so well. I want to put some VM32's on the XS so I am curious how you made out in the end.

I would going to purchase this kit and the intake boots you used but wanted to know what jets you ended up with...and did you get you issues worked out?

Srgt, got it back to idle and up to mains ,then needed to do plug chop but winter set in . ill get you what i have so far once i get a sec . sorry took so long to reply .
How the XS treating you? What was the final vm32 jet and needle configuration you went with? Give me all the details. :)

btw I got a ZRX1200. Man this thing is fun.


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Sooooo its been a few (lol) What can I say LIFE lol. Yes I still have the monkey ! Up till last night its been sitting under a nice warm cover. But pulled cover off it and Started messing with it. First things first I HATE where I put the pegs so going back to where the stock pegs were.
I've sold all my other bikes but for the monkey awhile back. But getting the ich again.
Cool to see some of these bikes and builds still around over a decade later!
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