Pet pics...

Redbird said:
That's quite a collection ya have there Go.
I get a new medium sized rat about once a month.

But they usually just get called "Lunch".

it's important to treat yourself to a good meal sometimes ;D
Rosie. Miniature Newfoundland.



PeeWee and Estelle (STELLL-A!) Stella is only 7 months old and already twice as big as PeeWee. (Both former feral cats)

I'm glad to see so many people rescuing dogs! My boy King, a Shiba Inu, was rescued from a puppy mill at the ripe old age of 6 or 7, he was the breeding dog so he had lots of action but unfortunatley lived in a tiny cage that was never cleaned out. Had him for 8 years before I had to put him down last summer...still miss the little guy. We used to share my tiny apartment with my sisters monster dog as well.. Half Neopolitan Mastiff, half American Bulldog...120 lbs of rock solid muscle, but the biggest baby on the block.. She was rescued when she was just a tiny thing, apparently someone thought it would be a good idea to mix the breeds for an attack/guard little did they know!


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Bubba is 8 now, but he moved in with us when he was 6 - my Dad's friend son had to give him up because he was getting divorced and couldn't keep him anymore ... we were his last resort (10hrs away) before having to take him to the pound. He's a great dog and was immediately protective of my boys - hated me for the 1st 3 days until he figured out I controlled the toys!
My pack. Charlie, a 7 year old rescue. Was supposed to be a beagle mix when we adopted him. At 77 pounds I doubt it.

Sadie was an adult rescue, so who knows. Best guess is pharaoh hound/shar pei mix. 9 years old now.

I think it's obvious who's in charge here.

No pics but: 6 rescued dogs: Taffy-3 legged Anatolian Shepherd,Cooper-Border Collie,Annie-Deaf and partially sighted Aussie,Bert and Ernie-poodle brothers, and Penny-Norfolk Terrier.

6 rescued cats as well: Indie-black male,Pearl-Maltese,Buddy-Maine Coon Cat (20 pounds plus),Chase-solid white ,blue eyed deaf kitty, Chani-white kitty, and Jackie-feral kitty. Great group who all love each other, and their "humans".Lol. bj
Cool thread
MacDougall is very cute. Looks stuffed though ;D

Not pics but video might be the easiest way.

Shown are:
Chloe-great dane rescue
Layla-Stray mutt but an awesome dog. She is the protector of the herd
Kingston-Thoroughbred/quarter Owner didn't want
Boomer-Arabian owners didn't have time for
Annie-Paint mare rescue
Several Alpaca and Llamas Most were rescues too

not represented are:
Nine- Great dane rescue. Temporarly with my son at Vet school
Chester- rescued house cat
Frank-rescued house cat
Momma -rescued house cat
Cheese Puff-rescued house cat
Navy-rescued house cat
Here they are:
go! said:
i love llamas!!!!!!
me too

picking up a few of our girls
pictured are:
Velvet's baby named Baby ( she is 6 mos old and we've not named her yet)
troybilt said:

awesome name...haha

Here is a pic of my pup, Hudson. He is 2 1/2 years old. We got him from a litter of 13 puppies and most likely prevented him from ending up at a shelter. He has Collie and Austrailian Shepard in him. He is very smart and very energetic.

midnightcafe said:
new member of the family, MacDougall:

I got my wife a scottie pup for our first Christmas, GREAT dog. A big dog in a small package ;D
Seriously thinking of getting another for our 22nd aniversary.
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