Pet pics...

Here is Deuce and Gator, it's probably obvious which is which 8)

Bella is a pound dog I adopted almost 2 years ago now. The pound said she can't live with little kids nor dogs. Just didn't give 'em a chance, loves my little cousins (1-4 years old) and will wrestle any dog any size. My grandparents have a tiny Jack Russell they would take turns being dominant one second Bella would have the little one in her mouth the next the other way around. She also once chased a huge ghetto crack head who broke into my apartment out. All around great dog!



The Springer Spaniel in the back is Trapper my dad's dog...15 years old and still crazy as all hell.

emcarthu, Gibson is gorgeous!!! my next is either gonna be an irish wolfhound/lab or a old english bull dog named Bruce.
Niko (Siberian Husky) and Bella (American Cocker Spaniel). Niko was fat in this picture from a couple of years ago. He's lost some weight since.


Niko is my biking buddy.

man some awesome looking pups! Niko is what i was planning on naming my Rott, back to the drawing board.... i want to name him CLutch but the wife is not a fan of that
haha my other two rats were named Clutch and Norton
go! said:
haha my other two rats were named Clutch and Norton

Norton is an awesome name. One of my family members had an invisible friend named Norton when she was growing up. I've always thought Triton would make a good name for a dog. :)
of all these animal how many of yall have adopted?
all of mine are adopted, i hate the local kill shelters out here....
All of our domestic pets are rescues/adoptions.

Here, have a smile on me. A quick story:
Nine was headed to the pound. He was a 6 month old Great Dane with a massive, uh, well, ...see if you can guess his issue. I don't want to ruin it yet. Anyhow, my son was playing Juniors in Michigan and the two of us were living in an extended stay america for the next two years. I never told my wife that I adopted Nine and needless to say she was a little surprised when she came up for a visit, but she was ok with it. Nine would give us some companionship while we were away from home.
Our jeep was on its last leg so that Thursday she traded it off for a brand new xterra. On Friday she made the 6 hr trip for a visit and her first meeting with Nine. That evening she drove us to the game. I'd never left Nine alone yet so we took him to the game with us. Plan was to exercise him hard before the game. He'd stay in a large kennel in the back of the xterra and we'd walk him every 20 minutes between periods. It was December but not too cold. Anyhow, after the first period we headed out to the parking lot. We had to park about 2 football fields away so we had a long opportunity to see his carnage. As soon as we left the rink we could tell something wasn't quite right. He was sitting in the front seat surrounded by white. He had chewed his way out of the Kennel (I still don't know how he did that) and yep he'd ripped the covers from all the seats and devoured all the foam underneath. We could do nothing but laugh ::) We drove back to the hotel on the seat pans. I spent the next day with a can of 3m super spray adhesive trying to fit all the tiny pieces of foam together. I placed a sweat shirt over each seat to cover the mass of foam that was supposed to be the front seats. We then went to Walmart and bought 2 cheap seat covers. They are still there 130,000 miles later and the seats still feel like you are sitting on the Rocky Mountains.
Nine turned out to be an awesome dog and we love him to death. It took him a couple of months to get over his sever separation anxiety and never chewed anything again. So there it is. He had sever separation anxiety and chewed.
Sorry for the thread robbery, but I hope you got a smile!
Here is my bunch, 1 dog, 2 cats. Had 3 cats but the black cat disappeared last fall. He was best buds with our son.

Dog is Sasha 2.5 years Brittany Spaniel
Grey tabby is Missy 10 years, Crazy hunter, likes to bring home rabbits and everything else.
Orange Tabby is Cubby, She is 5 and fat.
Black one was her brother Mushu


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Two cats, one normal size and one huge Blue Russian, they both stay inside as we live on the bush and have plenty of wildlife that wouldn't make it if these guys were outside.

The cats, she's normal sized


He's a frikken tank



And the wildlife I'm trying to protect from them


My wife's Chessie was a breed rescue, and my daughter's Brittany was an adoption.

A ball python about 2' long now.


Mad Cat left (mine), Tigger right (womans)


Lexie, adopted form a family member who had allergies...


Ive adopted cat from the shelter. I took the one who had been there the longest. He pee'd on everything in his sight and got in the garbage regularly. I gave him to some "family" members who live on a farm where he could be outside all the time. About a year later they decided "population control" was an issue and they started to shoot some. My old cat went "missing" they said the Coyotes musta got him... There are some other real serious issues with that aspect of the now dis owned branch of the family.
what kind of dog is lexie? she's adorable!!
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