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Congrats on the Bulldog.... top entertaining that is,shes adorable!! 8)
Here`s a pic of my sons Wilfred,he`s 16 weeks now!


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my american bulldog at 10 weeks

her last year at 5.

with the wife a few years back

both dogs about 4 years back bulldog was 1 1/2 years old, lab was 9
Dogs are nicer and often more trustworthy than people....
Gotta love them ;)

Not mine... My sis in law was bored Sunday while her BF was at the Steelers game so... Haha. They now have a second dog. Her name is RZA (Wu-Tang fo-eva). Part Rottie and likely part lab.
Nice Mike. Rescue? Here is mine Sasha with the wife on the sofa and we are dog sitting Jack, the big brown guy in front. My son wants to keep him LOL but I think his owners would be mad if we stole him.


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Maritime said:
Nice John, oh and everytime I read your website address I see Strong Onions LOL

HA! I can't count how many times I've typed Looks like the URL is available, I have been contemplating a food blog, hmmm.
Spiky and the[/IMG][/URL]m/albums/p351/wagonmaster69/IMG_0809_zps679ce617.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
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