Philly and surrounding area BANTER THREAD!

hey fuckers, come out and drink this sept 24th. Plenty of guest appearances from far and wide, plus Lionshead. I even know an awesome bar that is quite biker talk friendly... watta ya say?
Well, you know some of your better looking, and more charming Pittsburgh area based associates will be in attendance. Good times will be had.
shit man, wish I could roll up there for that. I'll be in Philly in late October though for my friends Bobby and Theresa are getting married.
Keep us updated pawn, I'll definitely have a beer or 10 with ya.

the 24th is shaping up quite nicely, I'll post more info about it as it gets closer.

Boswell, give us some deets! I might be getting way too excited for this, but I do love me some beer and bike talk...

I'm thinking of grillin up some foods on ye ol BBQ pre-bar if anyone is interested. i get home from work around 6-ish so I'll shoot for about 6:30 to fire up the charcoal. I'm in Roxborough BTW. Let me know.

We're leaving the good side of PA by 10am at the absolute latest, so we should be hitting Filthadelphia ( ; ) by 5.
New from the area, putting together a xs650 cafe style. Just wanted to say hi. Where is the party saturday lol. I dont think the bike will be ready tho.
Hey guys Put the 350F up for sale. Its listed in classifieds if anyone's interested. Unfinished project with clean PA title.
Hey Pat

My buddies and I do chinonthetank and organize the weekly ride. There's usually anywhere from 10 to 20 guys and sometimes ladies that come out on Thursday. Definitely make it out sometime.

We haven't done the Sunday breakfast in awhile so I guess we need to take that off the site.

Do you live in Philly?
I live in williamstown, NJ about 20mins from the bridges. I am friends with one of your guys' girlfriends name Julie she turned me onto it. I def want to make it out one night before the cold sets in.
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