Philly and surrounding area BANTER THREAD!

Was gonna come out to the ride tonight but it started getting misty, and my tires arent the best so I headed home. Next thursday looks like its going to be a really nice night tho.
We did the ride last night but it was real mellow since a few minutes in it started misting enough to wet the roads. We ended at the EL bar on Front st which was a good time. Things will really kick off with the ride once it's more consistent weather. Hope to see you out sometime.
Hiya, folks,

I'm a recent transplant to the area by way of Harrisburg, PA. I'm trying to finish my '81 Cm400 and I need the assistance of a fabrication/welding shop to help me plan and create a new tail.

Is there a handy list of local shops that understand cafes and trackers?

Here's my build thread for reference:
I would actually like to start riding again sometime soon. I bought a 95 gs500e for $250. Just ordered progressive springs, fork seals, gaiters, a CDI, battery, and I have some levers for it in the garage. Anyone wanna go bar hopping or something? I start my internship the 12th
I dont have a street bike anymore but I do still love drinking beer. The new Borough Brewhouse in Jenkintown is open now right?
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