pics of you riding you bike

Nunzio said:
In the Hood!


I'm jealous of that calfab you got on there.
Hey Flatcurve.. Those aren't Honda wheels are they? Love em'.. They'd look great to accent my gold pieces..
Not to mention.. That bike looks meticulous. Great job!
Skyeye said:
Son following Dad to to love those family bonding opportunities!
SonS ;) Both were in the car, Derek 19 (driving) and Alex 16 (taking pics). And yea, I really had to twist their arms to go to Hooters :D
Although my wife would prefer we didn't bond so well. Prime example... while I was being silly and trying to sneak a pic of the waitresses butt, Alex shows me his phone (with a pic of the waitress' cleavage as she leaned over the table) and says "Ha, beat ya too it!"
It nearly brought a tear to my eye :D

Miob, man I love that bike. It has such a timeless look ;)
Thanks Redbird. Love the Hooters story :)

Still glad I don't have kids though, way too expensive ;)
The 360, sometime in early March

Today on Katana, first time it's been out for 16months and first time I've been on bike in 4 months (back felt OK, arm, not so good :( )
Cleaned carbs, they need syncing, had to buy new battery. (Sam's Club was cheapest around :eek: )
HelthInsXpert said:
I wish I had some of me riding the cafe. Once I get it running those will be first on the list.

In the meantime............


With my brother

Were you guys in arkansas? The pigtrail? or euraka springs? If not thats what it looks like. Looks like that pic was taken by the guy who takes pics and posts them online to sell. Sweet bikes
love this thread!!! in memory of the G wing... here is shot of my bro on our way to southrn missouri this year

my bro and future sister in law

sean rocking the brat wing

Here is one of me about to head out yesterday, dang it was a bit cold... Don't have a way taking a pic of me riding on the street at the moment :mad:
earlier today, pulled off video.
The bike people love to hate, Suzuki Katana 600 'Sport Tourer'
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