picture of your homemade tools

Not really the second one you posted looks safer but it also more involed. if ya cant raise the bridge lower the river
Case Splitter not very good quality (it fell apart when i was done) However, It worked!....Crank Installation tool coming soon


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Some bending dies I made for my hydraulic press. Great for bending up brackets, bar or anything too thick to bend in my sheetmetal brake. The big multi V die I did not make.



Bossing hammers. I even made the cutters to turn the radius for each size. I've only ever used the one.


Valve guide install tools. The countersink is set to install height on straight non shouldered valve guides. When the tool bottoms, you're there and they will all be the same on multi valve engines. the center is a close to valve size bolt with the head cut off as you can see on middle one


Head stands. so you are not scratching the shit out of the gasket surface or any other critical parts when servicing your cylinder heads. You don't need a lathe to cut the taper, a little skill with a grinder and weld to base


Not a motorcycle one, but for setting the injector pump timing on my VW diesel

bradj said:
Stump with a shrinking bowl cut in to it and my back burner project english wheel that ill never finish

I really need to find a stump to setup like this. I like metalshaping/working but Im on a tight budget so I have decided to do it all old school with hammers and brawn.

Oh and alot of patience.
Not sure if this style retaining rings are common amongst other makes of bikes but Kawi has them with a vee notch instead of a hole... I didn't have any luck finding a standard pair big enough, also the clip tends to skew with the pin type pliers so I made my own. I ground a vee to contain the clip from skewing and it made my life much easier when re-assembling my tranny...


Yeah, it was quick work... I wanted to take off my front wheel and was too lazy to pull the pipes to support it from underneath... It's a 520 X-ring no less... ;D
Ok, despite that fact I'll be exposing myself as the hacker that I am, I had a broken baffle and no welder to repair it...
I had some 3/4" water pipe hanging around so I made a nice expanding die by brutalizing a couple of my sockets.

Lots of great ingenuity in here! Anybody have more tools? I'm away from home and compiling a list of all the things I'm going to do/build when I get back home.
I don't if this home made tool counts:

Why bother... ;)
Very handy tool though. It also can be used to confirm blow off pressure for your oil injector line check valves (with a gauge) I also have used it to confirm there is no oil in the crankcase after sitting all winter.
I used to have a functioning manual vacuum pump but i accidentally got brake fluid on the diaphragm and I'm too cheap to replace it.... Lol
Walms said:
I used to have a functioning manual vacuum pump but i accidentally got brake fluid on the diaphragm and I'm too cheap to replace it.... Lol

On sale at P-Auto this week half price
Not really a tool, but made a stand for my brake this weekend

This is more than a hobby for you, eh Reds!

Since throttle position is what you need to look at when tuning your carbs, I made a little pointer for my throttle from a piece of plastic and a sharpie for the scale. Simple, cheap and effective. ;)

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