pidjones' bicentenial build - a '76 RD400

She had been "chugging" just a bit on let-off. Adjusted the pilot air screws and rode her in to the Tea Room on Tuesday. Well, ,that was the wrong way! Back to 1 1/2 turns and then opened a 1/4 turn on both. Took it out just for a start and to adjust idle - seems better, but I'll need to ride it a bit for more testing.

Oh, and have you ever heard the horn on one of these? Of course not, because they are so awful that you can't hear them over the motor! Fixed that - installed a GL1800 horn in its place - that WILL be heard!
Getting ready to winterize next week. Plan is to fire it up, let it idle until the float bowls run dry, then drain any fuel left. Then I'll change the gear lube. Might go ahead and drain the fuel tank then. It will be stored in our heated basement garage. The front fender needs to come off and get a few dents sorted this winter.
Took (trailered) Geneva to the Rockwood Thunder Road Festival Car & Bike Show today. She brought home Best Vintage (pre-'85) Motorcycle. Looks so much better with the wheels natural aluminum. Also running great, still!
Backed that little girl out of the garage yesterday. Started on 2nd half-hearted kick. Think I'll ride her in to Twisters for the Time Warp meetup tonight.

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Just catching this, boy that sure came out great! What a beautiful RD you resurrected…I bet she appreciates the new lease on life, and the trophy collection!
Thanks! Yes, and she rode sweet (well, as sweet as a 70 year old back could expect) the 20 or so miles to the diner and again back home. I'm kind of amazed at how easy she starts.

If anyone comes through Knoxville on a Tuesday evening, check out Twisters diner on north Central at Quincy where the Time Warp Vintage Motorcycle Club congregates weekly.
SHAZBOTT!! Rode her to a little car show Saturday before last. Thought she might gain an interested purchaser, as I realized that she had only been out a few times this year, and deserves to be ridden more. The last 1/4 mile or so gojng home after, all I could get was 1st gear. E-clip on the right end of the front sfift dog pivot rod was laying in the case, allowing the shaft to migrate left, pushing out the blanking plug and allowing the shift selector ratchet to fall off. No damage done. Partzilla shipped the parts quick and Monday of this week I took her fpr ~30 mile easy ride over Norris Dam - ran great!

Until ~2 miles from home, a car pulled out of a weed-hidden drive to my right. With me on full brakes, swerving (I was a good MSF student), and the horn he kept coming and hit me, throwing me (at ~25mph) over the hood and down into ~6' weedy ditch. I am always ATGATT, so sprains, bumps, bruises, a cut from my glasses on my nose, and LOTS of pain are my issues. For some reason all the knuckles on both hands are very painfull, hydrocodone is just constipating. Don't know about Geneva. Wrecker service has her and I'll get a look and pictures after seeing the family Dr. today.
Ouch PID glad you are mostly ok. Heal up and sue the bastard. I'd have sued the deer that got me if I could have.
Also glad you are mostly OK. It's the rest of the mostly that needs to be seen by the saw bones. Sending positive thoughts for healing.
Went to the doctor (give it time) and the tow yard (felt like crying - she's a total). Playing phone tag with the out-of-state adjuster always sucks. And, I'm still hurting. At least the apple, greens, laxative, and fruit did their work this morning.
Sorry to hear that, but glad your ok. Bike can be replaced, people not so much

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Dairyland's adjuster price sounds fair. Still hurting, though. Looks like Barber this year will be by cage, shoulder not expected to be rehabed enough by then.
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