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illking said:
I bought a pipe from him and he said his camera was broke but there was no damage, It arrived crushed. The packing was fine looks like some knuckehead crushed it in a vice to fit on thier bike. I emailed him and tried to get some partial refund via paypal dispute but no response from seller. Avoid this guy hes a deadbeat

could you honestly sell someone this and not mention it?

Speaking of paypal disputes. I have found that paypal doesn't like to give anyone their money back whether you are right or wrong.... especially if it is money they can't recoup. For all items I suggest using your credit card through paypal for payment and not your checking account as paypal wants you to do. My last dispute ended with paypal deciding against me when the seller did not even answer my dispute. I cancelled the credit card transaction.... paypal decided to reevaluate my dispute..... and I won.... well... Discover Card took my money back anyway so it didn't matter. That is just how eBay and paypal work.... they are the only game in town and don't care about the customers who use and pay for their services.......Dewey Greear.


Been Around the Block
Hey Pinche your a dick, dont be mad cuz your momma didnt love you. That will happen when YOUR A DOUCHE BAG.


Been Around the Block
I'll certainly remember his name,and I certainly won't buy from him, or sell him shit with a goof attitude like that!

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