Post a pic of your latest purchase

DrJ said:
Knock yourself out:
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This is awesome. I may order one to go along with my '78 DT400
Big Rich said:
Von, are those Magnum wheels?

Yup. Going to have to have custom axles made up, but theyre going on the 125 LSR bike, so pretty much everything on it will be custom or modified.

Also, this will be of interest to you Rich, Im going to pick this up tomorrow. Damn you Rich, damn you. Hahaha


Luckily a few months back, Rich and I picked up a DT175 that had a motor and wheels but not much else. So, put the free motor in the $50 (and really nice) rolling chassis, and you've got a fun little dirtbike.
Good ol' CraigsList. Rich found it and txtd me this AM. The guy still had it and said he would hold it until I could get out there tomorrow, so...
DrJ said:
Note that this is a non-DOT helmet, for whatever it's worth.

Very interesting.. I wonder if its because it wouldn't pass, or because they are a small company and the cost of DOT testing would cause the helmet prices to rise steeply. But ya, with that knowledge I would probably only use it as an around town helmet.
Beard can have his cute little pistol.....I've still got the .460 Weatherby and the scope is sighted at 800 yards.


Someone's gotta keep Mike from getting himself offed.
....because red mist is so entertaining.....heh

Beard(less?) looks like a hot load. Can't tell, but if that's a wheeler you've got some serious cylinder blowby.
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