Post a pic of your latest purchase

I removed the stupid ugly headlight this morning. Going with a 5 3/4 round and probably a small windscreen.

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I didn't notice the headlight when I first saw the pic. Was mentally blocking it out I guess.
I didn't notice the headlight when I first saw the pic. Was mentally blocking it out I guess.


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Went to a machine shop auction the other day.

Best deal of the day, for me, a 8" Kurt D80.

Paid $50 for it, and whatever the one next to it is. They're round about $2K new. All the 6" Kurt's they had brought $3-$400, and most were in worse shape than the 8".

Needs a bit of lube, and a new set of jaws, and she'll be good as new.

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Yesterday was a good day, and a success story two fold via craigslist. I know, not the norm. Two seperate ads, less than 2 hours away, and cool people at the other end of both. Andy gave up on a KZ400 that was his Nephews bike. $100.00 with a clean title, and Mike/Kathy had a NOS ( bought in 1988) XS1100 Kerker 4 into 1 for $110. Never mounted. The only similar Kerker I see is for a KZ750 and it is listed at $825.00!!!! It was a nice day for a ride, and everything worked out great. I now have a title/parts for my existing KZ400, someone wanting to buy the fenders, and a no longer produced header for the Eleven.
Nice score on the Kerker, I ran on eon my CB400F and it was glorious. Quiet enough on the low revs, but wind it up a bit and it screamed like a damn banshee.
A couple of my buddies now have 650 dualsports (a KLR and an XR650R) and we're planning some trips this spring/summer and I wasn't in love with my 1990 DR650 so I picked up this 2002 for a song this morning.

Anybody need a really nice 1990 DR650 lol?


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