Post a pic of your latest purchase

Spending money like a Walton. 2.50 x 17 Shinko tires for the 1965 Honda S65. So far this had been the most expensive bike I've built in the past 10 years and I still need more/better parts. Waiting shipment on the tubes/liners.


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I bought a couple tubes the other day. I thought I pinched the first one since it wouldn't hold air when I was done.

Then I checked the second one before I installed. it. Here it is, right out of the bag, never installed in anything.


Well alrighty then...
Received both inner tubes. One won't hold air. Since I bought them as a pair I had to send both back. New tubes supposed to arrive Friday. I've never received the rim strips ordered on July 9th. USPS tracking shows they have never left the Post Office in Florida. Got an "update" from the shop that sold them saying they would be here on the 23rd. Probably a load of BS since the USPS tracking number is still stagnant in Florida. While waiting I ordered a second set of rim strips on the 15th. They arrived from another shop in Florida the next day. I honestly can use two sets of 17" rim strips but I don't have much hope of receiving the first set ordered.
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