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And, another one. 89 this time.

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24"x24"x1" air filter to add in front of our big box fan that I've place to the left of the drill press. Hopefully this will make a big decrease in the dust kicked off of parts when using the press for polishing, wire or abrasive wheel cleaning of parts. Last week I did a workbench cleanup (I'm pretty slothful, but couldn't do anything else until the grill can be moved out of the garage. And, that awaits the port-o-potty guy picking his little house up so I can get the grill into the lean-to.) Vacuumed the pegboard behind and re-discovered it is white, not dark grey!

The really good news is that the remaining materials for the decks is due in early this week!

EDIT: bummer news is that now the decking is not coming for two or three weeks. Shazbot!
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