Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits

My cb400f looks forlorn in the middle of my garage now that I've been cleaning.


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Sits too much now, time to sell.


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If you've seen the "Recent Purchase" thread, you've probably noticed I picked up a Bandit 1200.
Once home, I started cleaning. It started with me removing the seat to relocate the battery tender plug, and seeing the "behind the scenes" filth.
She's actually a little further along than this, but at current rate, she should be ready for Prom by Monday.

It's like this guy never cared for the poor girl ::):p...


And after some quality time with some Simple Green...
My Ducati Montjuich race replica is moving slowly along. Yesterday, I put the front end together and painted the wheels. Next week I should receive a title for my unmarked frame and frame stamps. Then the serious work begins.......


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Maritime said:
Nice. I care for mine but rarely bath her. I probably should.
I say that jokingly of course. The bike was generally clean on the outside. It wasn't until you removed a panel that you'd see the years of dust build up.
I got it from the original owner and he kept it meticulously maintained. Everything was professionally done and he had all the receipts.

It's just that I, being a member of the OCD club, couldn't leave it like that :p
After several hours of "cleanin stuff up", the Bandit is presentable.
The RD400 saw a little action as well.

It's been a long time since I've been able to post a pix of something other than just piles of parts. Finally getting the little beast back together!

Finally got it running............

And rideable..................


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canyoncarver said:
Yet another Photobucket Phail.
Maritime said:
Or Redbird moved it again. Chris just host your pics on DTT, much more stable LOL.
I did move it.
It's not Photobuckets Phault. It's more of an ID-10T error. I have to remember to move all the pics into their respective folders before posting them. :eek:

This was the MIA pic...

But here's a spankier new one, from yesterdays ride...
I need to finish painting the bodywork and get this thing down the strip. Just picked up a small Bosch water pump, so now I can fit the lock up clutch and Banshee clutch cover. After I get a few parts machined that is....


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