Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits


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teazer said:
I need to finish painting the bodywork and get this thing down the strip. Just picked up a small Bosch water pump, so now I can fit the lock up clutch and Banshee clutch cover. After I get a few parts machined that is....
Wow. Can we see more?


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Starting at the front end, the caliper is an alloy Economy Cycles replica with aluminum pistons. Disk is a drag race unit retained with Titanium bolts.

Forks are RD350, suitably shortened. Stem was pressed out and replaced with a modified aluminum GSXR stem

Motor is RD350 bottom end with RD400 transmission, Banshee clutch, TZ crank and TZ750 (700 type) top end with Blaster reed cages and 34mm carbs. Ignition is Motoplat self generating. clutch cover is modified R5 to take a TZ water pump.

Radiator is some small dirt bike - don't remember which - on custom mounts

Tank is 1 gallon aluminum hiding under a carbon fiber tank cover with integral side covers. That I molded around a set of RD400 side covers and a narrowed RD400 US style tank.

Swingarm is longer than stock and takes the wheelie bar. Shifting is by CO2 cylinder through pressure regulator and solenoid triggered off a button on the left bar. Power to that solenoid and shift light come from a 4 cell RC radio graphene battery.

Tires are slicks, rims are aluminum, Seat is also aluminum.

I got the pipes as rolled cones (unwelded) so I had to weld the cones and then work out the shapes, cut and welded them to fit in nice and tight.

Much of the rear frame and some of the top tubes were replaced with Chrome moly thin wall tube, but same basic shape as stock without some of the more complex curves.

Nothing mind boggling difficult so far. If the chassis works, I'd like to build a long stroke motor ie a 400 or maybe with a 10mm banshee crank but ports become an issue and it's cheaper and easier to go straight to a CPI banshee and skip to 120 plus HP.



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The "tw200" as of this afternoon.

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Ducati F1 race replica is moving along slowly. Received a title last week along with frame stamps so I can number and title my new frame. Wheels painted, bodywork painted, front end built, aluminium swing arm purchased, front discs acquired,brake adapters bought, put the four pot Brembos that I got years ago on the front end, and a lot of smaller items made or bought. Now is time for the real work to start......



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Just about to drag this one out of mothballs [5 years ! ::)], put on hold and with thoughts of selling when my health was at it's lowest. :'(

Healthy again and in almost full remission from the kidney issue that laid me low - time to get on.

It's still in Streetfighter guise, but I have all the parts to switch over to Cafe Racer .................................. 8)

Even started a build thread to keep me enthused.



'hacking is learning'
dewjantim said:
Since quitting work I can finally get all my bikes running again.So far, I have these three on the road again. Just have to get the carbs right on the yellow one, then my Paso is next........
That is a beautiful yellow SS.

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