Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits


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What...there is nothing hidden under those seat covers in the parts room at work. What do you mean??


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That's living the good life right there.

I just noticed that I have the same headlight bracket you're using, and almost the same headlight too (mine doesn't have the indicator lights, just high and low beam). So far I've only mocked it up, but did you find there was enough room inside the bucket for all the wiring?


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CB160 project. Tank is almost ready to use after extensive modifications to get it to fit.



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Thanks. I fell in love with the Honda CB72/77 when they were new and the CB92 before that when I was a kid. Laverda also made a great copy of that sloper design. I have built a few CB72/77 street and race bikes over the years and a handful of CB160/175 race bikes, so I have piles of motor parts.

Interesting fact is that any CB160/175 barrels will fit a 160 set of cases as will any 200 head - all with very little work, or you can bore the 160 barrels out and fit shortened 200 liners and aftermarket pistons to make it anywhere from 160 to 250cc. We have a 240cc motor with Wiseco KZ550 pistons and welded combustion chambers in a 200 head and I built one race motor with modified Cb500 pistons back when that was all that was available. And somewhere here I have a crank that was rephased from 360 degrees to 180 and a special cam to match it. These bikes are just so easy to modify and parts are not too expensive. And I like small bikes.

Too many projects. too little time.

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