Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits


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CrabsAndCylinders said:
Love those pipes and that polished fork brace! Did you line that sweet glass tank, I don't remember.
Thanx for the kind words, the pipes turned out exactly as I envisaged them in my head ! Just need to get the 2 welds filled, dressed and polished [ stainless ].

After 2 false starts my local machine shop guy did the deed on the fork brace. Just waiting for my tame polisher to do the final polish on the fork clamps.

"Tank" is a bit of a cheat !!! It's a dummy Manx 5 gallon mould.

The actual "tank" [ fuel cell ] resides in the belly fairing. It's a bespoke alloy unit made by Uncle Rob - very talented builder and fabricator - here in the UK. A Facet fuel pump delivers the gas to the Weber and a second pump to the NOS system.

We're just finishing up the surfacing on the GRP belly pan. It was all over the place - nothing symetrical .... unlike Uncle Rob's fuel cell - which was ! We've also mocked up the fuel filler system. The fuel cap is in the hump of the 7R seat and feeds down via alloy tubes to the cell. BTW - the belly fairing is situated about 3" rearwards from the pic.



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The garage is starting to get to where I can work on things without tripping and killing myself.
XS650 on the lift waiting to be wired, XL75 waiting on a piston, and the XL185 waiting on brake shoes and time. Not in the garage the XS tracker(needs big bore, failed wrist pin circlip on dyno), tiger 800xc (daily rider) and a pair of SL90s(1 needs assembly, other needs complete engine.)

Yes I have too many projects. The 185 is being fixed up for a family members christmas present, the XS will probably be sold in the spring, and someday I'll do something with the SL90s.



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Getting ready for winter projects.
Clockwise :
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2014 Yamaha FZ6R (my wifes)
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Bit the bullet and got a storage unit so I can have room to work in my garage. MUCH BETTER!!!

Sold the Norton, bodywork is at the painters; about to pull off the brake calipers & master cylinders for overhaul-

Honda MB5 is getting a rebuilt engine, the seals are shot on this one. Will teach my 14-year-old daughter to ride soon!
ZRX1200R is my regular modern ride.
Triumph Legend 900 triple is my wyfe's bike.
1970 Triumph is my regular classic ride.


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This is the CL378 as it was late this afternoon.

I'd like to see it a bit farther along before I leave town for the winter... we'll see.


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Made a start on next years project. Doesn't look as if much has been done, but the frame has been widened one and half inches, swingarm pivot increased to 20mm, engine mounts moved and the frame braced, though still more bracing is to be added..



You only bear responsibility for your own actions
Here's how it sits at the moment and how it's going to stay for the next four months. I wish I could take it with me!


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