Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits


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Next project after the D@#^& Triumph T150V will probably be a restore. Picked this mostly complete '75 GL1000 up at Pistol Pete's old shop yesterday and wedged it into the back of the tractor shed.


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the running ones


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gt alex

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Been sitting a few months, but I need to get back in to it.


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I saw white frame and thought 851 but it looks more like an SS Superlight.

Looks good.


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I saw white frame and thought 851 but it looks more like an SS Superlight.

Looks good.
Thanks, I've got more work to do but it's getting there. It's a 900ss but not a Super Light. Super Lights (in the USA) had different (two piece) wheels.

I sold my 851 to get that Super Light. The 851 is one of my favorites but so is the Super Light so when one came and found me I had to make a choice.

'91 (and '92?) Super Sports also had white frames. And white wheels. But this isn't one of those either. ;) Somebody powdercoated the frame white before I bought it. When changing the tires I decide to go all in on the (much more better) early look, so it looks a little different now.


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My snowblower-powered CVT roadster. I had a bunch of extra parts on the workshop shelves, so I decided to put them together. The engine is a 6-1/2 HP Honda GX200 clone. It is nowhere near finished, but as of this morning, it's at least rideable.

  • 1974 Panther Black Shadow DB175 frame
  • LCT 208cc engine, as used in Husqvarna snowblowers with CVT torque converter
  • 1976 Yamaha YZ125C swingarm
  • 1989 Honda VTR250 Interceptor inboard disc front wheel
  • 1982 Suzuki GS650GL front forks
  • 1985 Yamaha XJ700 Maxim front fender
  • 1977 Can-Am Qualifier fuel tank
  • 1995 Kawasaki EX500 rear wheel
  • Suzuki 500 Vinson ATV rear caliper
  • Honda CRF150 rear sprocket
  • Honda ATC90 foot pegs
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Back to making progess on the 900ss track bike. In fact I should be working on it now instead of surfing the 'net...

Engine is back together, ugly swingarm was refinished with a $7 spray bomb. Tail and hugger are just sitting there to get them off the bench but it's getting there. Just in time for the season to be over.


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