Race van

+1 with beach , looking sweet mate got a good finish by the look of it not bad for this time of year as you say, gonna leave my painting till its warmer out will be painting alfresco as usual haha :-[ looking forward to seeing the finished van at the TT 8)
This is finished now, well apart from side windows getting tinted. Taxed and tested and ready to go. Will be digs for this years Classic TT instead of my old lorry too.

Creature comforts are all stored away, but it's comfy and will be handy to have around.


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Cracking project Mark...really good. You're bound to get the usage out of it, so time and money very well spent I reckon. :D
Another 4 wheeled project I'm afraid. Doing a steel arched Sebring MGB for my son as his first car. I picked up a chrome bumper BGT initially, but that turned out to be a Cat D so I ended up finding a much better condition, slightly newer car (40 years old) car for not much more money.

Had a few days driving it around and know what needs doing, so it's stripped out to a bare shell. Just need to remove the engine and I can get it media blasted as I'm doing a bare metal re-paint and full restoration. Thought while it still had the front wheels on that I'd make it large. Meant I know the arches are central to the wheels, but it's a good job done earlier.

Anyway, below is the thing so far and second pic is what it will be like. Generally these are done with bolt on fibreglass front wings and bonded on rear arches.

I do have my eye on an old Speed Twin that is totally original and unmolested, do that might get me onto another 2 wheeler project.


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