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If you're going to clear coat over it then just do a bit of light wet-sanding to knock down the high bits and it will be perfectly fine.


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Don't wet sand Duplicolor metalics unless you plan to repaint it! You'll get a mottled appearance that clear won't help. Either just clear heavy or knock it down and re-spray. Duplicolor nozzles are easy to depress and allow changing the pattern from horizontal to vertical, but I've had a lot of spitting with them. Warming the can helps a little, and using fresh cans that you shake every ten seconds or so. If you have a compressor spray rig, their lacquers spray real nice even with cheap Harbor Freight guns.


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Heating can and wiping nozzle and also using one of the trigger adapters helps but I've had that issue once and a while. Usually on other brands but it happened on the metal flakes orange. I just lightly sanded then did a thin even coat over to get the flake back right. Also on the metallic changing the direction of spray will change the flake so I make sure I do the same direction on final coat, not back and forth or up and down, just left to right or top to bottom in one direction.


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Thats annoying !

what do you plan to do to fix it?

Fortunately, the paint being laquer, it does some interesting things as it dries and bonds to layers underneath.

By morning, it is pretty much gone! I guess the drying process blended it all together nicely to a point where if i didn't tell you, you'd never notice it.

Unfortunately, the paint also lightened up waaaaaaaay too much. I'm looking at it out in the sun, and it looks damn near Chrome, ffs!

I'm not happy about that at all .



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I'm not sure if dupli-color perfect match is expected to lighten up as it dries, or if it's just this particular one i'm having trouble with.

I don't know what now. I might have to just go get a can of something else and spray over.
I'll give it a couple of days and see if it grows on me, i guess.


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Lacquer generally dries lighter like latex paint. They make like 10 perfect match silvers so you can get another to tone it down.


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For what it's worth (which isn't much I know), I think it looks pretty good

I was just complaining to the wife about it as well and she sends me this pic like 5 mins later. I guess it only looks chrome in direct sunlight reflecting off it?

I feel dumb complaining from my office window without even having gone down to check it out better in person. In my defense, it is VERY VERY deceiving from up here in the office



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And it will be even better with clear!

Speaking of which .... does 2k spraymax clear come in matte, glamour and gloss .... or is glamour their way of saying gloss, so there are only matte and gloss?

Initially was thinking gloss, but the way this color looks right now is a bit of a matte or flat finish and now I'm debating if maybe matte is the way to go for clear as well.


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Got pics? Be curious to see how that turned out compared to your gloss work! :)
Not on paint, no. Rhonda's tank was bare brushed steel - first time I cleared it I used satin, the second time I used gloss. Way preferred the gloss. Personally I think satin clear looks good on satin paint (goes without saying), but flattens anything metallic. I think you'll find the same - using a satin clear on your metallic paint will definitely flatten it, gloss will make it pop.

Right now I'm painting some satin black side panels and fenders - once they're cleared I'll post some pics.

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