RD350 Powerdynamo wiring questions


Hi all,
Long time follower but new here. I have a 1975 RD350 that’s been a project and then got put on the back burner for about 5 years. I’m finally getting back to it and I believe I just have the wiring left to get it going and then finish up the little details.

when installing the PowerDynamo/vape do I keep the stock rectifier if the pd Reg/Rec is also there?

also does the capacitor need to stay?

as far as the rest of the wiring I’m absolutely lost.

Blue coil- relay 30
Red/white/red go to

stator two black- reg/rec

Red- stock rectifier
Brown- negative battery

Brown- ground

any thoughts. All help appreciated

Thank you


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Not any help, but encouraging plenty of posts! We like pictures! I would love to have an RD350 (even more an RD400). Such beautiful lines....
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