Registering a bike that you do not have the ownership papers for in Ontario


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So I just went to the MTO and they said the bill of sale was no good and that I need the bill of sale from when the PO first purchased it.. Are there specific requirements for the bill of sale?


What MTO office are you going to??
Apparently there are a few around that plenty have had success with. I know the one up the street from me in Whitby has said that all I need is an affidavit, bill of sale, and a letter from Manufacturer. But they are super nice here and very helpful

As for the bill of sale, start scribbling and sign


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Wellllll after a hard fought battle I've got the ownership, so I thought I would say thank you to all especially for the Affidavit. Also I urge anyone in the Hamilton area to use the Dundas Service ontario they were remarkable helpful. Let the build begin!


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as for the notary on the affidavit, will my a lawyer have to sign it as I my office doesn't have a public notary.


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Hey guys, hate to revive a dead thread, but I think my question pertains to previous discussion here...

So I'm in a bit of an unusual position. I have a 1975 Honda GoldWing that my dad purchased a number of years ago. Unfortunately he passed away and left me without any ownership or documentation on the bike. All I have is the bike (with the keys) in our garage. In fact, he left me with a whole bunch of GoldWings and CBX's. Most of them have their respective ownerships, but this particular one does not. So I copied the VIN off the nameplate that's right on the neck of the fork and asked the girl at my local MTO to look it up for the UVIP. Turns out the VIN doesn't exist in the system at all. Now, I'm assuming that is because it is probably a US bike (speedometer is in MPH) and my dad never bothered to do a proper transfer. I have also not had any luck finding the US title anywhere in his old desk.

This brings me to the question: how do I get an ownership for this bike? The girls at the local MTO offices that I have tried inquiring at have all told me there's nothing I can do. I know that can't possibly be the case, and I also know that most of them are simply robots designed to carry out the same 3 or 4 tasks all day long. Something as out of the ordinary as my situation is obviously too complex for them to entertain.

I would REALLY appreciate some help on this. I want to either keep the bike and enjoy it from time to time, or sell it to someone who will appreciate a mint condition first-year GoldWing. Either way I need an ownership.


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I am following this one I have a bike with no reg but I am not in Ont so I have sent off for a package containing the last reg owners name etc we will see how it goes


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So yesterday I had the appraiser drop over to my house and check out my bike so I can get vintage insurance. The appraiser was Jim Danniels a well-known local vintage bike restores and builder, it was a real privilege to meet the man. We spent a lot of time just talking about vintage bikes and how modding than has become more accepted. Also got a few names of contacts for future goodies for my bike…
Jim liked my work and said it was tastefully do, it’ll be going on the books as a 1968 Norton Mercury with a 750 motor upgrade. I will be getting the paperwork in a day or two from Jim, so I’ll be off to get her insured and on the road.
Anyone ever change the description on their ownership, from Home made 2010 to 1968 Norton Mercury as an example. Since owning the bike I have been able to find out the Make and year the bike was built (frame). The appraiser will be writing up the appraisal for a 1968 Norton Mercury so I’m hoping this will help.
I just want to have the ownership match the bike again.

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