return to Barber 2012, 1975 CB550

Cool stuff. Can't wait to see how the lightened crank does.
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Looks like it's gonna be a pretty rowdy build! Look forward to seeing it all put together!
Its so much fun opening boxes of speed parts. APE bored/honed the cylinders. DYNOMAN supplied the JE big bore pistons, Web 58b camshaft, APE studs, CR 29 carbs. A very good machinist MReick did a stage 3 port job, 1mm oversized valves, Titanium valve spring retainers, Kibblewhite guides

So I am degreeing the cam in. I always loos my piston stops, so a homemade one will do. Smash a plug and thread a bolt in. I'm setting the cam in at 105 degrees.

I saved an old rocker cover which I cut up to make the degree work alot easier.








I'm a paint man, but your motor looks awesome bud , u must be very satisfied while putting that together :D

Cheers Wayne :)
this is the rocker cover I cut up for cam degreeing. Its a life saver!

Intake port.
Very trick bike, I like it. The VFR S/S arm is way cool. Late comment on your job loss, that sucks. I walked into the boss's office in May and she says as casual as can be "by the way today is your last day" one hour from quitting time, no notice, no two weeks, no severance pay. The whole place was in foreclosure (a common tale in this crappy economy) 21 years of service shot in the buttocks. I wish you well.
Cheers, 50gary
This is an awesome project. I'd been thinking about a VFR sssa swap for years, but hadn't picked out a bike to do it on. Sorry to hear about your job loss. Hope things have changed by now.
Saw it on Bike EXIF. Turned out pretty good!! :eek: ;D ;D ;D
Thanks guys. I put gas in it for the first time right after the photo shoot on Sunday and broke in the motor. It sounds amazing if that matters. It revs so fast to 8k with a blip of the throttle I am amazed at the response. I have to go over the valves one more time and dump the oil. Then its time to ride.
Awesome to see the bike up on BikeEXIF Kevin! Looks absolutely spectacular from the outside, and clearly the internals match the looks.
Oh - meant to ask - what are the odds of seeing you and the bike at Barber 2013?
I really think its possible to be there. Its very high on my priority list.
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KDI Cycles (cb550fcafe) said:
I really think its possible to be there. Its very high on my priority list.
hope you make it man it would be great to see the bike in person

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