rev hang up


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ok guru's, this is what is happening, what in your opinion would cause this.

lets start, full clean and rebuild of carbs, 2 sizes over mains, 1 size over pilot, needle raised 1 notch, pilot screws set at 2.5 turns out.

throttle cable lubes and return checked, so no hang up there. all and any advice accepted.

Pods are to be changed with K&N type, drag pipes have 8 inch inserts.

the other side of the coin is, when if finally comes back down, it will drop even further then stop. Then it's even harder to start.
so i am at a loss.

this forum is so good, no sooner do i post then i get the answers anyways, thinking out loud helps....

its running lean,
Those cheap pods will be covering a few of the air circuits in the CV style carbs. They are notorious for it and the company that makes such filters must be run by a motorcycle hateing genius.
Mmm love hearing those four cylinders. Also make sure you don't have an air leak in the carb boots. Which causes leanness.
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