RIP Marco Simoncelli.

i agree. it's pretty shit sometimes.
praying for a smooth ride up to heaven.
he gave a bit more spice to the gp, i reckon. great character. great loss.
2 lives in 2 years now. no more to come, i do hope.

r.i.p. MS
died what he loved doing...
rip dude.

pic taken at silverstone this year
Yeah, feeling very sad and numb

Marco was a real character and stand up guy, may he rest in peace.

Lord knows we need our characters....
Absolutely gutted for his family and MotoGP.

Was watching the race and was worried as soon as I saw his helmet fly off. Gutted also for Colin Edwards and Valentio Rossi who could do nothing to avoid him.

A true talent and a massive loss to the future of MotoGP.

RIP Marco, you will be sorely missed.
For some reason the loss of Marco Simoncelli hurts nearly as much as losing my Father this year to cancer. I never knew Marco. I just new him through his passion of racing motorcycles, a passion we all share, and that passion makes his loss hurt even more. He was exciting to watch both on and off the track. Marco gave us something to cheer for and against. Though as much as you read about people “hating” him, I honestly believe they never did. He gave us life and passion. We lived through him. While I always rooted against him I never wished him any wrong.

Marco’s passing hurts more than I ever thought it would when I first read the news this morning. The tears hit me often upon reflection. He carried part of my old racing number “58”. Seems no matter where that number is it is good luck. That number is what first drew me to watching Marco. I guess that was luck in itself. For I got to witness a wonderful passionate young man doing what he loved and do it well. I always rooted for the Americans, Colin, Ben, Nicky, John. But you couldn’t help but be drawn to Marco. He had that about him.

The sport will go on and more new exciting blood will step up to the plate. But for me and I know many others, a small significant peace will be missing. I am glad to have experienced your life and passion, Marco, Godspeed and prayers to your family and friends.
So very sad........our thoughts are with Marco's family and friends. He was very talented and added excitement to the grid. There was no doubt in my mind he would have been champion at some time in the future.

A sad loss.

Paul and Tim Titan Performance.
We watched in horror when this happened. Everything lined up for the situation to be unavoidable. Our heartfelt condolences from Alabama.
RIP 'Super Sic'.
Not only a fantastic character, but I reckon he had champ potential in the next couple of years. A great guy and a great racer. My condolences to his family and the MotoGP family :'(
That crash turned my stomach. Like zooke said, it's an odd feeling to have such emotional pain over someone you've never met.
I got the chance to meet him at Indy a couple of years ago. It is crazy how we get so attached to these guys, feels like we lost a friend. I was at work and relying on my Twitter feed when it happened so I didn't actually see the crash. I definitely don't intend to watch it either.
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