RIP Marco Simoncelli.

I didn't see this on TV so I went to youtube to see what happened. The video is horrific. My head is numb . Such a young man. I will not post a link to it here and would ask the others reframe from doing so out of respect to his family. You can find if you need to but I wish I didn't just watch it. Kinda fucked my day up. RIP Marco.
i had the race recorded and sat down to watch it last night. hadn't heard any of the news. i was multitasking by surfing the web. i look up and see everyone going into the pit. "what'd i miss?" rewound it. "that doesn't look good." started googling and was shocked. spend the next hour or two just reading. such a shame.
God bless Marco and his family. Such a weird accident. I also feel for Collin and Valentino who could have done nothing to prevent the outcome.
It kills me to see and hear of such tragedies in a sport we all love so much. We all know including Marco that whenever we throw our leg over that seat there is a chance that something could happen yet we all refuse to believe it and proceed to to what our passion drives. I guess its a bit of a reality check for all of us.

My condolences to Marco's family and friends, i cant help but wonder what is going through the minds of Valentino Rossi and Colin Edwards.

RIP Marco you may be gone but wont be forgotten has a video up of his funeral. Very touching and emotional. Not sure if you need the video pass to view it or not. I have to pass so I can't tell.
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