Royal Enfield classic 500, clubman interpretation.


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There is a lady on YouTube channel "Itchy Boots" doing adventure touring on a Himalayan. She's presently stuck home in the Netherlands of course, but her videos are fairly interesting and her narratives pretty clear. Her bike is in Peru, but a local dealer has loaned her one for the pandemic.

I've seen Indian manufacturing first-hand. Enfield has pretty good engineering, but IMHO way behind China in QC.


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After immensely enjoying my little ride this summer, I decided it needs a bit more...This is quite a contrast to the stock (cast) dished piston it came with, plus it'll not only provide a squish (!) more compression, but also take the bore out 4mm (499 to 535cc). Last one my guy did with this set up got it to mid 30s at the wheel.

I will also be adding an Autotune piggyback to my Power commander piggyback and tune while I ride.


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