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This thing is too cool. Neat use of the modern-ish fenders - make sure you don't keep it too clean 8)

^^ Touché. I didn't see that link. You guys are just too cool for me. thanks pimps. Now I know, and knowing is half the battle, GIJOE

Here it is next to a stock CL350. It's a little bigger and longer of course.


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I took the bike to White Rose Swap meet in PA and rode it around on the mountain. It was fun. Bike did great. I even jumped it a little on the race track on top of the hill. It's a fun place. The Japanese show is mid august. You kids should come hang out.


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I went to the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days this weekend. It was fun. I took this bike so I could ride around everywhere and it did great. I made a basket holder for the back so I could put treasures in it. Fun times. You guys should go someday.


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Got to keep the loonies on the path...
Bike looks great man. And mid o is a place my wife and I try to go every year. Missed this one tho, just too much going on. Will you be at barber in October?

Mr.E said:
Will you be at barber in October?

Barber is too far from my home in Northern VA. It would be fun but I'm going to the time trials at El Mirage CA in November and don't think I'll be able to pull off both trips. I plan to go to Mid-Ohio every year from now on if I can.

The bike is a year old now and it's still kicking. I do have some updates planned for it. I ordered a larger rear sprocket and smaller front sprocket. I'm also going to repad the seat, it's hard. I'm taking it to AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days next month. I was launching it off the jumps on the racetrack in the back. It was super fun.


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The bike is still kicking ass. I put stock air filters and side covers on it. The pods were not cutting it. They let in too much dust and might have caused the engine some harm. These pictures are from the Vintage Japanese Swap meet near Hanover PA this month.


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