So what is your favorite music band?


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Sonreir said:
It's hard to beat a good bit of Alice in Chains or Stone Temple Pilots.

This song kicks all sorts of major ass!
Stone Temple Pilots-Heaven and Hot Rods

Here's a list of a couple of my fav bands:


Listen to the lyrics.. Amazing..
anti-flag depleted uranium is a war crime

Miike Snow

Miike Snow-Plastic Jungle lyrics

Say Anything (probably my top favorite, lyrics are awesome)
Say Anything - The Futile

yellow cat (slash) red cat

If you may notice, i tend to like bands that are lyrically inclined.


You think the Carpet Pissers did this?


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Too many to list! Hell just checking out the hard core stuff that others have posted recently made my list of great bands expand that much more!


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Far too many good bands to list an all time favourite - depends on my mood as to what I listen to at the time.

Recently discovered a German band "The Boss Hoss" - defy description really - Punk / Rock meets Country and Wetern ???? Can't do these clever U tube thingies, but give them a listen if you get a chance. They sing in English BTW.


Gotta love The Dead. Touch of Gray and Scarlet Begonias are probably my two favorite tunes from them.

I'm surprised no one has said, "Eddie Cochran", yet.


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Pine Hill Haints are a great band to see live.

Pine Hill Haints "Spirit of 1812" | indieATL session

Some old friends of mine from Cali, play some pretty good punk:

"Bad Luck Drunk" - Pour Habit

My favorite song from Th'Legendary Shack Shakers:

The Legendary Shack Shakers (Blood on the Bluegrass)1/01/09

Rev. Horton Heat

Reverend Horton Heat "The Devils Chasing Me" HD

many more. I don't have one specific favorite genre either. I love a bit of every music, but I prefer punk and rock n roll. That said I also listen to a lot of Tricky. Got a big hug and what's up from him a few years back as we used to shop at the same Whole Foods, surprised he recognized me, super cool and talented musician.


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Ive been into metalcore and trancecore lately.

Asking Alexandria is a great band im into. theyre the closest thing to rock stars since... I'd like to preface this with 1) I know what I'm saying 2) i absolutely believe it... the rolling stones.

also great: Eskimo Callboy. german trancecore. yes. techno/trance is much more popular in europe than it is here, so it makes sense that a fusion metal/techno band would be from the eurozone. it also explains the haircuts, dancing, costume, bad dancing, etc. (youtube embedded video hate me. links are all i got)

Lastly, a classic. Catherine - Bailar
metal core band that broke up in '09. phenomenal.
no video, just album cover pic and good audio.

so... how do you make metalcore themed bike? no, really, i want to know.


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My buddies new band is pretty sick, gotta say one of my fav's at the moment


Alright...can't figure out to embed youtube mater what I do, so heres a link.

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