So what is your favorite music band?

tbolish said:
My buddies new band is pretty sick, gotta say one of my fav's at the moment


Alright...can't figure out to embed youtube mater what I do, so heres a link.

sxecafe said:

cafe rat said:
Music is a pretty big deal to me and I like a lot of bands but I can easily say that Opeth is my favorite.

Wow. Glad to see I'm in good company. Opeth is definitely my favorite band. One of their songs inspired my username. 8)
Doesn't actually elicit an emotional response, does it? Betcha won't be listening to this 15-20 years from now... :-D
I have already been listening to stuff like this for the past 10 years I don't see why I wouldn't continue. Most of the music I listen to doesn’t contain any lyrics. I don’t really care for what most musicians have to say. This stuff may be a little cold to some, but there is still something there. It all depends on the listeners ability to hear it.
Fiend for life:

Where Eagles Dare - Misfits Session D

Punk, Rockabilly, Metal, HipHop, Jazz, Techno, Industrial, Classic Country, etc... It doenst matter to me. Every genre has something rad to offer. That said though, the five greatest bands/artists of all time are probobly The Misfits, AC/DC, Billie Holliday, Johnny Cash, and RadioHead
Rammstein, As I Lay Dying, Bring me the Horizon, Disturbed, In Flames, Soilwork, Suicide Silence, Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack, Metallica, some Ozzy, Hatebreed, It Dies Today, just to name a few. Mostly hardcore music and metal. Some rock and occasionally rap to keep the moves fresh for the club. Also been getting into some Dubstep lately; which seems to be the new thing these days.
Radiohead, but I am sure that those of you who know radiohead already knew they were my favorite from my username.
I've got to say, I still get chills when I listen to Hank Sr. Also a lot of Th' Legendary Shack Shakers, Hank 3, Justin Townes Earle, The motherfuckin' Pogues...

Though sometimes I've gotta admit to rocking out to a little bit of everything else, Beastie Boys, Bruce Springsteen, Alkaline Trio, Ramones, etc... most every genre has something respectable buried beneath all the trash.
I like much of the music listed above. But my tastes are wide and varied. Lately i've been listening to Muddy Waters
Muddy Waters - Got My Mojo Workin'

The Black Keys:
The Black Keys - Next Girl

The Decemberists are a newer band that i'm digging:
The Decemberists - This Is Why We Fight

Some Drunk Irish known as Flogging Molly:
Flogging Molly "Float" (best is High Quality)

A little Techno with Royksopp:
Röyksopp - The Girl And The Robot (I told you my tastes are varied)

And weird as it is, I like the Scala & Kolacney choir singing Nirvana and Radio Head, etc.
Scala & Kolacny Brothers Performing 'Creep' live on the MaDiWoDoVrijdagShow

Metric is a HOT band!:
Stadium Love [Official Music Video] - METRIC

But otherwise i'll be listening to Linkin Park, Lords of Acid, The Clash, KMFDM, The Smiths, etc. etc. etc.

Who's next?
Iggy pop, the misfits, earily rolling stones, buddy holly, dick dale, ect ect
dcmspikes said:
im surprised at all of the Opeth fans. they are good. mine would be

I loved the stint Peter Tägtgren did with Bloodbath. Nightmares Made Flesh is an awesome album.
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